Safety Features

PDC packaging machines are fully safety guarded. All doors are safety interlocked. Audible alarms sound prior to start-up.

Central Drives / Timing

Most PDC packaging machines have one main drive providing critical motions. This means timing and synchronization are fixed and permanent, and as you change tooling or speeds, no retiming is needed.

In-house Machining

PDC manufactures all of the mechanical parts in our packaging machines; there is no reliance on subcontractors. We provide the highest quality control for precision assemblies such as cutting blades, perforators and tooling.

Quick Changeover

PDC packaging machines are designed with “fixed,” rather than adjustable change parts. Installation is possible just one way, correctly and positively, so time isn’t wasted making multiple changeover adjustments. Typical changes take 5-30 minutes.

Ease of Maintenance

Purchased parts are all “off the shelf;” no customized electronics. Replacements can be sourced locally, quickly, and inexpensively.


PDC packaging machines are as “mechanical” as possible, with no vacuum, or rotary knifes used. This makes PDC packaging machines sturdy and extremely heavy-duty.

Highest Reliability

PDC packaging machines are designed by mechanical engineers to perform their tasks consistently over millions of operations. PDC packaging machines have a well-earned reputation for exceptional reliability.