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90C-E High Speed Shrinksealer

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Norwalk, CT (May 17, 2018) - - - PDC International Corp. reaches a milestone this year as it celebrates 50 years of engineering and packaging machinery innovation. The company, founded and still headquartered in Norwalk, CT, specializes in fine packaging machinery for the application of heat shrinkable sleeve labels and tamper evident seals.

PDC 50th Anniversary Video

In 1968, Anatole Konstantin, a mechanical engineer, founded PDC as an automation company. He was joined by his brother Bill a few years later. The direction of the company was initially determined via a large automation project - making, collating and packaging emery board nail files for the Bassett Company of Shelton, Connecticut. Since then, it has established itself as an industry leader under the guidance of Anatole’s son, Neal, who took over as president in 1992, and Gary Tantimonico, Vice President. PDC has expanded over the decades. From humble beginnings in a 400-square foot office in the Lock Building in Norwalk, CT, to a three-car garage, then a former furniture mill, PDC now occupies a nearly 30,000-square foot facility in South Norwalk overlooking the Long Island Sound. PDC has a strong commitment to Connecticut, its workforce and quality of life. “The history of PDC is a classic story of the American dream: immigrant brothers arrive in the United States after World War II as ‘Displaced Persons’, with only the clothes on their back. After working their way through school and entry-level jobs, a small company is born, which then thrives for the next 50 years,” says PDC President Neal Konstantin. “We continue to embody that American spirit of entrepreneurialism, ingenuity and encouragement among our employees, which has allowed us to thrive and grow over the years.” In 1983, PDC Europe, was started in Montdidier, France to supply machinery for the European and other overseas markets. Today, PDC designs and manufactures shrink sleeve labeling and tamper-evident packaging machinery for products ranging from popular foods and beverages to personal care and household goods. It serves customers around the world, including J&J, Kroger, Bayer, Unilever, Pfizer, Alcon, Safeway, Del Monte, Diageo and many other small, medium and large companies. Anatole Konstantin, now 90, has published his memoires of growing up under Stalin, in the widely acclaimed “A Red Boyhood”, and the story of his first years in the US after WWII, including the formative years of PDC, in “Through the Eyes of an Immigrant”. For more information on PDC and its Total Sleeving Solutions, visit www.pdc-corp.com, or contact sales@pdc-corp.com.

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PDC: Reintroduced R-300 Shrink Sleeve Machine

Shrink sleever is a high-speed shrink labeler that quickly reconfigures from shrink labeler to multipacker and back again.

PDC International Corp., a manufacturer of tamper-evident packaging and shrink sleeve labeling machinery, has updated and reintroduced a versatile packaging “workhorse” based on its popular shrink labeler. (Related: PDC International Corp.: Shrink Labeler)

The PDC R-300 shrink sleever is a high-speed shrink labeler engineered for continuous use. It quickly reconfigures from shrink labeler to multipacker, and easily back again. The system is compatible with rigid packages, cartons, bottles and cans; it accommodates special shapes with ease, and container capacities from 2 oz to 1 gal.

The R-300 is a mandrel-style shrink sleeve labeler that opens and forms the sleeve into various shapes such as oval, square and rectangular. It replaces the quick-dulling “spinning knives” typical on other sleeving machines with a proprietary heavy-duty knife assembly. PDC’s knives deliver clean, consistent cuts for months, without “hairs” or the ragged cuts produced by rotary cutters. PDC blades last months, not days. F/F/S Partnership For Machines And Materials

The PDC R-300 is well suited for difficult applications, with available optional product handling that orients products in dual counter-rotating timing screws, then hands them off to servo-controlled gripper belts. This allows optimum presentation of packages for sleeving.

R-300 systems run thinner gauge material, 1.25 to 2 mil (30 to 50 micron) at speeds up to 400 cpm, over extended periods, advantageous for high-volume producers. PETG, PVC, OPS and PLA films are all suitable for use on the machine. (Related: Key Intl.: IMAR Vf/F/S Equipment)

Available modules perforate vertically or horizontally, and provide precise servo-controlled cutoff registration. Zero-Downtime Splice-on-the-Fly Accumulators maximize uptime. Operators also benefit from the ability to switch-out mandrels, feedscrews and other change parts without tools.

The R-300 can be built in all-stainless steel for sanitary environments, and like all PDC systems, uses off-the-shelf components, which minimizes maintenance costs over time. Systems are fully enclosed, with static eliminators, and can be supplied with zero-access guarding. Electrical panels can be UL certified; control is via an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC and touchscreen. R-300 Multipackers can be supplied alone, or with conveyors, shrink tunnels, printers and vision systems. (Related: Axon: Shrink-Sleeve Applicator)

Demonstrations of the R-300 can be arranged at the PDC research lab, where system performance can be evaluated on different containers, using standard and thin films, at various production speeds. Contact Gary Tantimonico, 203-853-1516 or sales@pdc-corp.com.

Digital Dials for Quick Changeover

Numerical dial readouts that note position; used to provide guidance for changeover. Benefit: Reduces Changeover time by indicating positioning of movable assemblies, increasing productivity.

R-250 Evolution

Developed by the R&D Teams from both PDC International and PDC Europe, the R-250 Evolution is a Next Generation sleever utilizing new design and construction methods. The machine can apply oriented graphics onto non-round containers such as ovals and squares, in addition to round containers. The R-250 brings high speeds and durability with a reduced footprint and superior value.

90 Series

True Zero-Downtime Automatic Reel Change

Designed for high speed tamper evident banding at 200 to 400 containers per minute (cpm) the PDC 90 Series Shrink Sealer also handles sleeving applications at 300 cpm dependent upon sleeve dimensions.