Gary Shaffer

“We installed a PDC system for our sleeved bottles several years ago. This was a new line for all of our pint products, and I wish all of our machines were made by them. The equipment was built by people who really know their machines. It’s built heavy, and the only thing you ever need to do is lubricate on schedule and change the blade – or flip it around and use the other side. We have never had to spend a bunch of money to keep it running. When you call in for a part, you always get someone who knows what they are talking about. The builder of the machine and the service techs are the same people – there’s none of that ‘he said, they said’ business. They also supplied a shrink tunnel, and an electric band oven, so that the narrow neck area of the bottle gets a little more heat for the tightest fit to the cap. When you have equipment and people that are this great, it certainly makes life easier.”