Bill McKeighen

“We purchased three systems for the sleeve labeling of syrup products, which include Ghirardelli, Starbucks and our house recipes. The material is high-shrink, and registration must be perfect all of the time. Speeds are up to 200 containers per minute.We’re particularly impressed by PDC tooling – it’s robust, with big shafts and solid cores. Change parts are also easy to get – and the design is very straightforward, so you can hit it every time. A competitive system we’ve used that was purchased by a customer for a co-pack program is a ‘tinker toy’ by comparison. The downtime and changeover time is double that of the PDC tooling – and the life is half as long. We are also impressed with the customer service we get: our people even have the home and cell numbers for service people at PDC if they need immediate assistance.”