PDC Shrink Lab

Shrink Label Product Samples and Specifications Development

The PDC Shrink Lab, staffed by knowledgeable technicians, is used by large and small CPG companies to develop new products and to create samples and specifications for shrink labels to be used in production. Equipped with steam and dry heat tunnels as well as conveyors, products are tested under production conditions and speeds. With a dozen tunnels in stock to choose from to put over conveyors, it creates a great environment for comparison. This allows us to specify the correct film type for a given package to be successful and go into production trouble-free, with no surprises.

products being tested at PDC shrink labPDC’s Shrink Lab allows customers to test shrink sleeve labels in order to determine their shrink percentage, shrink material properties and overall appearance. The lab is distinctive in its scope, and its capabilities.

In addition to testing for customers, we also run tests for film manufacturers before films are brought to market. We are a popular beta site for film manufacturers – another reason that customers regard PDC as a leader in our field.

The PDC Shrink Lab exemplifies PDC’s methodical process to insure successful project outcomes for our large family of customers.