Our Team

PDC packaging professionals

PDC’s packaging professionals are committed to making your shrink labeling or tamper-evident banding project a complete and total success. We are organized in the following specialty groups delivering services and capabilities to meet your every need:

Management Team

Department managers work collaboratively to optimize production and quality, and assure that every heat shrink labeling and tamper-evident banding system meets your expectations.

Sales Team

Salespeople whose specialty is shrink packaging systems and tamper-evident banding can provide quick and accurate responses to inquiries. Whether to demonstrate equipment in our showroom, run shrink tests on new packages in our lab, or visit your facility, our sales team is standing by, eager to assist.

Design and Engineering

Mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians focus on the most durable machinery, product handling, and control solutions for each system we sell.

Customer Service Team

PDC Sales, Service and Parts personnel work continuously to improve our high level of customer service.


PDC has a complete machine shop featuring fully automatic machining centers, lathes and grinders, as well as complete sheet metal and welding facilities. PDC fabricates all components for its tamper-evident banding and shrink labeling systems in-house, including our unique cutting blades, keeping costs at a minimum and quality high.

Assembly and Service Technical Group

Skilled assembly, electrical and service technicians can work both in-house and at our customers’ facilities. Remote field technicians are strategically located around the country.

Parts and Service Department

A knowledgeable support team that uses our own integrated computer system to ship inventoried parts orders “same day,” expedite manufactured parts orders, and coordinate field technical service. Spare parts, tooling for new products and field upgrades are handled by this team.

How We Work

“If a customer has a rush project, we are uniquely capable to deliver on time. Every PDC employee embraces our “customers first” ideal, and understands that their willingness to go the extra mile is one of the most important differentiating attributes. PDC employees understand that controlling the process here, rather than risking outside vendor delays, is a great way to build loyalty.”
Rich Keenan, Sales Manager
“I believe one reason for our terrific track record with repeat customers is that we are able to quickly turnaround machined parts to keep customer production lines running. Having total control gives us the ability to be very agile and flexible in how we respond, and to be able to change course quickly when needed. “If we worked with an outside machine shop, we would have no control over processes – or productivity. Here, we are hands-on, able to break down barriers, and literally improve quality in real time.”
Mark Meller, Process Planning Manager
“Part of vertical integration is addressing the bottlenecks. There’s a lot of cross training, so managers can move talent where the work is. A worker training in assembly is often an experienced machinist, available when those skills are needed. The PDC cultural backdrop is we’re all here to do whatever is needed to deliver the best systems for customers. Everyone’s job description is the same: to make everyone else proud, and for our customers to be successful. ”
George Rosero, CNC Programmer

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