PDC cutting blades, not spinning knives

PDC Cutting Blades

PDC Blades Last Months, Not Days – No Spinning Knives!

Our 50 years of experience have taught us that if your machine stops cutting, your line is down and you are out of business. That’s why PDC builds blade assemblies like tanks; rugged and heavy-duty to serve you well, shift and shift, year after year.

PDC’s shrink sleeve cutting systems are unique in their toughness and durability. Unlike the competition’s spinning knives that dull quickly, often in days, PDC’s blade assemblies are ruggedly built to deliver clean cuts for months.
PDC shrink sleeve cutting systems
Robust blades mean:

  • Longer intervals between replacements
  • Greatly reduced downtime
  • Re-sharpenable three times

PDC’s solid blade assemblies reflect our commitment to constructing tough machines for ultimate productivity and your perfect package.



AccuSplice Articulating Splicing Table

Quick, precise splices that will run through sleeve applicators without jamming.

What is one the causes of downtime in shrink sleeve labeling operations? The time-consuming splicing of one roll of sleeves into another during roll changes. Depending on the sleeve height and application speed, roll changes can be as frequent as every 15 minutes or so. If the splice isn’t precise and clean, it can jam in the labeling machine and cause costly downtime to clear the jam, rethread the machine and perform a second splice. PDC’s proprietary AccuSplice Splicing Table avoids all this and provides more uptime and productivity.

The AccuSplice Splicing Table includes:
  • Dual magnetized hold down bars
  • A tape dispenser
  • Emerging guide plates
  • Stainless steel construction



Compact Servo HPV Perforator

For PDC’s wedge series of shrink sleevers

PDC’s proprietary, compact Horizontal and Partial Vertical Perforator is the perfect solution for many beverage, nutraceutical, and personal care products.  Horizontal and Partial Vertical perforations provide a tamper evident feature when a shrink sleeve label extends up over the closure of a package.  The partial vertical perforation allows the consumer to pull the sleeve down to the horizontal perforation, without tearing into the label itself.  By pulling around, the cap is revealed allowing the closure to be removed.

Based on PDC’s durable and highly regarded perforators used in our R Series labelers, this compact unit is available on PDC Models 50, 65 and 75, at speeds up to 250 bpm.  The perforator blades are moved by a servo in a reciprocating motion against a spring-loaded anvil.  Ruggedly built, like all PDC cutting systems, these blades last months between resharpening.


PDC Inspection / Rejection Units

Assuring product integrity during production

PDC Inspection units analyze every product coming down the production line, making sure they meet your high standards before heading out to the retail stores.  These units, mounted after the applicator, confirm if a shrink sleeve is in the correct location on the container.

Systems can utilize two types of sensors; light spectrum sensors or UV sensors depending on the application.

The sensors determine if a sleeve or band is present, and it if is too high or too low on the container.  The nonconforming containers are ejected off the line by a pneumatic actuator or a jet of air.

Optional features included Eject Trays or Chutes, Eject Verification Sensors, and Tray Full Sensors. Systems can either be connected to a PDC sleeving machine, or operate as a stand-alone system, to be added to an existing production line.


PDC’s Patented Technology

PDC's patented mandrel technology


The Mandrel is part of PDC’s patent no.4765121. The Mandrel opens and forms the sleeve, lending itself to high speed, thin film applications. The sleeving material flows over the Mandrel, which can be cylindrical, oval or rectangular in cross section, fully and positively opening the sleeves as they are applied to the product. PDC Mandrels are coated with a special extra-hard, low-friction surface for extended life, and high performance.

PDC's patented tetrahedron wedge technology

Tetrahedron Wedge

The Tetrahedron Wedge is part of PDC’s patent no.3924387. It is an extremely reliable and consistent system that positively handles sleeving material as it flows over the wedge and is refolded before entering the cutting blades and proprietary tooling.

This technology is extremely robust providing highly efficient operation shift-after-shift, year-after-year. Tooling change parts are fixed and can only be installed one way, eliminating fine adjustments during changeovers. Due to its mechanical nature, performance is consistent, drastically reducing downtime, and maximizing productivity.

PDC’s Unique Vertical Integration Philosophy

PDC manages every facet of manufacturing to deliver the combination of responsiveness, quality, and timeliness that companies need to execute the most successful rollouts, produce high volumes on schedule, and maintain competitive advantage.

PDC has complete in-house fabrication capabilities. From mechanical and electrical engineering, to welding, sheet metal and advanced CNC machining centers, PDC controls every aspect of fabrication on every machine built.

Our “total vertical integration” delivers significant advantages, beginning with the basic elements of the project. We have longstanding close relationships with every major raw stock and resin supplier, and have a broad, deep understanding of film chemistry, performance, and the printing process. From engineering to machine shop to fabrication, we maintain full control of every aspect of each machine system.

Making the toughest machines on the market begins with solid mechanical principles and designs. Our “Made in the USA” machines are built at our Norwalk, Connecticut plant with all parts manufactured in-house. This total control results in the highest quality workhorses in the industry.

How We Work

“If a customer has a rush project, we are uniquely capable to deliver on time. Every PDC employee embraces our “customers first” ideal, and understands that their willingness to go the extra mile is one of the most important differentiating attributes. PDC employees understand that controlling the process here, rather than risking outside vendor delays, is a great way to build loyalty.”
Rich Keenan, Sales Manager
“I believe one reason for our terrific track record with repeat customers is that we are able to quickly turnaround machined parts to keep customer production lines running. Having total control gives us the ability to be very agile and flexible in how we respond, and to be able to change course quickly when needed. “If we worked with an outside machine shop, we would have no control over processes – or productivity. Here, we are hands-on, able to break down barriers, and literally improve quality in real time.”
Mark Meller, Process Planning Manager
“Part of vertical integration is addressing the bottlenecks. There’s a lot of cross training, so managers can move talent where the work is. A worker training in assembly is often an experienced machinist, available when those skills are needed. The PDC cultural backdrop is we’re all here to do whatever is needed to deliver the best systems for customers. Everyone’s job description is the same: to make everyone else proud, and for our customers to be successful. ”
George Rosero, CNC Programmer

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