Why Choose PDC?

PDC International, a leader in the packaging industry, is the “total sleeving solution” with top tier technology, tenured professional team members, and over 50 years of success.




The patented and proprietary technologies that our team has developed over the years provide long-term, sustainable solutions to many issues found with other companies’ shrink sleeve labeling machinery.

Innovations include the most durable cutting blades in the industry, highly regarded perforators, material splicing, and inspection systems.

The PDC Team

Our machines and technology are only part of our success. The true difference with PDC comes from the experienced packaging professionals on our team. From sales to engineering to customer service, the PDC team is by your side.



PDC History – An American Story

Our 50 years of experience starts as a classic American Dream for PDC Founder, Anatole Konstantin. From fleeing postwar Eastern Europe to his graduation from Columbia University and starting the PDC business, Anatole’s story continues to inspired the PDC team.



Vertical Integration

PDC manages every facet of manufacturing to deliver the combination of responsiveness, quality, and timeliness that companies need to execute the most successful rollouts, produce high volumes on schedule, and maintain competitive advantage.

PDC has complete in-house fabrication capabilities. From mechanical and electrical engineering, to welding, sheet metal and advanced CNC machining centers, PDC controls every aspect of fabrication on every machine built.

Our “total vertical integration” delivers significant advantages, beginning with the basic elements of the project. We have longstanding close relationships with every major raw stock and resin supplier, and have a broad, deep understanding of film chemistry and performance and the printing process. We make certain that container designs are shrink-friendly and compatible with the line speeds customers require. From engineering to machine shop to fabrication, we maintain full control of every aspect of each machine system.

Making the toughest machines on the market begins with solid mechanical principles and designs. Our “Made in the USA” machines are built at our Norwalk, Connecticut plant with all parts manufactured in-house. This total control results in the highest quality workhorses in the industry.

The PDC Guarantee

Reliability. Durability. Ease of Maintenance.

At PDC, our goal is to build machines that last and increase productivity. Our machines are built like tanks with numerous safety features to ensure quality performance 24/7/365.



PDC Repeat Customers

Our product and service speak for themselves. These companies agree and turn to us when it’s time to add a new machine to their product line:

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