Industrial/ Household

PDC Shrink Sleeve Applicators for Household Products

Masking tape, duct tape, batteries, butane lighters, hardware, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and small electronics all benefit from PDC Shrink sleeve applications with visual appeal, protection and security.

Conforming to the complex curves of virtually any product shape, shrink sleeves allow powerful branding through the use of high quality graphics. PDC shrink sleeve applicators are custom made to fit the customer’s specific requirements for optimal throughput and handling, and accommodate a broad range of films.

With PDC’s strong foundation in mechanical engineering, and our origins as an automation company, we can design, manufacture and integrate special product handling systems for custom applications.



Industrial/ Household

Questions about your sleeving project?

PDC’s “Total Sleeving Solution” includes specialized consulting regarding:

  • Package analysis
  • Material selection
  • Shrink testing and sample preparation
  • Line layouts and equipment integration
  • Operator controls
  • Inspection options
  • Documentation
  • Operator and maintenance training

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