F Series Shrinkbanders

Sanitary Construction 30 to 400 CPM

F Series

The PDC F Series was developed specifically to apply tamper evident bands, 1 to 2.3 inches (25 to 60 mm) in height, to large diameter tapered tubs and straight-walled containers (for cultured dairy products, margarine, butter, ice cream, oatmeal and dessert toppings). They can also be used on large diameter jars and other containers.

Line Speed: 30 to 400 cpm
Band Diameter Range: 2.5 to 6.75 inches (63 to 172 mm) and oval or “sqround”
Band Height Range: 1 to 2.3 inches (25 to 60 mm)

Tamper Evident Banding for Food and Dairy Tubs

Positive Band Support and Pre-Shrinking
All F Series machines have band support devices on which the bands rest after application, positively and mechanically. The band is then pre-shrunk while resting in its proper position so that is does not shift on its way to the shrink tunnel. The F-160 and F-200 use a star wheel and the FC-200 and FC-400 use split captivators.

Applications of the F-Series

Tamper Evident Banding

  • The application of shrink sleeves around the upper portion of tapered or straight-walled containers and jars

Standard Features

  • Stainless Steel Frame, NEMA-4 electrical enclosures, positive product handling and band support, plus pre-shrinking, for precise band positioning

Optional Features

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction wherever possible
  • Splice on the Fly Material Accumulation
  • Separate Dual Reel Unwind Stand
  • Motorized Height Adjustment with Pre-Set Positions
  • Inspection/Ejection Systems
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