View our shrink labelers, shrinksealers and shrinkbanders in action.

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50-M Shrinksealer Tamper Evident Banding

The 50-M offers tamper evident banding and shrink sleeving applications at moderate speeds between 50 and 130 containers per minute. The 50 Series is especially ideal for tamper evident banding on foods, sauces, dressings, vitamins and pharmaceutical products.
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75-M Shrinksealer – Applying Neck Bands to Pharmaceuticals

The 75-M is a hi-speed, tamper evident banding machine for speeds up to 300 cpm. The machine applies neck banding around the upper portion of the container and its closure for tamper evident safety.
90C ER

90C-ER Shrinksealer – Sleeving Candles

The 90C-ER applies shrink sleeves at line speeds of 200 to 500 containers per minute.
90C ER Shrinksealer V2

90C-ER Shrinksealer – Neckbanding Spirits Bottles with Horizontal Perforation

The 90C-ER is a high-speed neck bander with optional horizontal perforation over the cap for tamper evidence.
90-E TSCB Shrinksealer

90-E-TSCB Shrinksealer High Speed Neck Banding on Small Pharmaceuticals

The 90-E TSCB shrinksealer applies tamper evident bands and is ideal for small, unstable pharmaceuticals.
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F-160-TS Shrinkbander – Neck Banding Bottles with Figurine Heads

The PDC F Series applies tamper evident bands around the upper portion of tapered or straight-walled containers and jars. The band is then pre-shrunk while resting in its proper position so that is does not shift on its way to the shrink tunnel.
F-160 Shrinkbander

F-160 Shrinkbander for Banding Straight-walled and Tapered Products

The F-160 shrinkbander applies tamper evident bands, 1 to 2.3 inches (25 to 60 mm) in height, to tapered tubs and straight-walled canisters (for cultured dairy products, butter, ice cream and oatmeal).
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M-625 Labeler & KSA-70 Steam Tunnel – Labeling at 60 pm

This economical shrink sleeve labeling system is comprised of a Marburg labeler and a PDC steam shrink tunnel.
R-100 MWER Shrink Labeler 60bpm v2

R-100 MWER Shrink Labeler 60 pm with Horizontal Perforation

The R-100 shrink labeler is an economical, compact system ideal for moderate speed applications up to 120 per minute (pm) and flexible enough for many kinds of products. The machine can apply oriented graphics onto non-round containers and can run tamper evident labels with horizontal perforation, as well as twin packing.
R-250 CO ER

R-250 CO-ER Shrink Labeler with Container Orientor

A field-proven workhorse used by consumer product manufacturers and contract packers, the R-250 can apply shrink labels to ovals, squares, rectangles, and squeeze bottles. This system features a third-party orienting system.
R-250 TSER Shrink Labeler 150bpm v1

R-250 TSER Shrink Labeler - Orienting Graphics on Oval Containers at 150 pm

The R-250, one of PDC’s R-series machines, is engineered to precisely orient graphics on non-round containers.
R-250 TSER Shrink Labeler 200bpm v2

R-250 TSER Shrink Labeling Empty Bottles with a Vacuum Conveyer at 200 pm

The R-250, one of PDC’s R-series machines, is engineered to precisely orient graphics on non-round containers.
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R-300 Shrink Labeling for Beer Cans

PDC’s R-300 is the ideal machine to tackle the job of shrink sleeving beer cans, providing the ability to design highly attractive, graphic labels. The R-300 Can Labeler runs at speeds in excess of 300 cans per minute on either empty or full beverage cans.
R-300 Shrink labeler

R-300 Shrink Labeler High Speed Cup Labeling System

This system labels empty yogurt cups at 500 pm. The system includes steam tunnels, hold-down belts and air knives for drying, and third-party de-nesters and stackers.
R-300 TSCB

R-300-TSCB Shrink Labeling Empty Oval Plastic Bottles at High Speeds

The PDC R-300-TSCB shrink sleeve labeler handles a broad range of challenging package configurations. This system features special product handling that orients the products in dual counter-rotating timing screws, and then hands them off to servo-controlled gripper belts. A vacuum conveyer stabilizes the empty top-heavy bottles during sleeve application.
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R-300C-TSCB High Speed Labeler with Servo-cammed Grippers

For challenging applications, the R-300C-TSCB is integrated with special product handling that orients the products in dual counter-rotating timing screws, and then hands them off to servo-controlled gripper belts. This allows precise product handling and the best possible presentation of the packages for sleeving.
Model R500

R-500 Shrink Labeler High Speed Bottle Labeling System at 600 pm

The R-500 is part of PDC’s R Series Shrinklabelers. The system’s material web flow is never paused for cutting or application.
R-600 TS Shrinkbander v3

R-600-TS Shrinkbander - Neck Banding Glass Jars at 450 bpm

The R-600 applies heat shrinkable neck bands to the closures of food and beverage containers. Like all PDC’s R-Series shrinkbanders, the R-600 is designed for the high levels of compliance and sanitation required in the pharmaceutical, food and dairy industries. The bottles and band material all move continuously. The film web is not paused for cutting or application.
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PDC Innovation Pack #3: POM Wonderful

POM Wonderful’s bottle with its complex curves is an exceptional example of the use of PDC’s shrink sleeve labeling technology. PDC’s R-300 shrink labeler, steam tunnels and venting blade system made the most of POM Wonderful’s gorgeous graphics.
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PDC Innovation Pack #4: Spirits Industry

PDC provides machinery for full-body shrink labeling and tamper evident banding for the spirits industry, as in the case of this vodka product with stunningly visual graphics.
PDC17008 Innovation Kit Video 5

PDC Innovation Pack #5: Teeth Whitening Pens – Sleeved in Fixtures

PDC’s shrink sleeving machinery is used with all sorts of products, including medical devices, as this whitening pen. This product is part of a larger production line - a great example of PDC’s design of peripheral product handling and specialty assemblies.
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PDC Innovation Pack #6: Good2Grow

Good2Grow, a line of water and juice products for children, uses innovative PDC technology, including the R-500, R-300, R-250 and F-160 to apply shrink sleeves and a tamper evident seal to these unique bottles with figurine heads.
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PDC Innovation Pack #7: Stack Wines

Stack Wines, a product by Stack Tek, that stacks several servings of wine in a single package, is a great example of the use of PDC’s shrink sleeve labeling and multi-packing technologies, including the R-250 Evolution shrink labeler and a multi-zone thermostatically controlled steam tunnel.
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Innovation Pack #8: Foam Latté Package

This foam latte package from Frutarom, a global flavor company, exhibits some unique attributes of use of the shrink sleeve in creative and new ways - and PDC’s shrink sleeving technology - the 75 ERL and the dual zone KST 80 steam tunnel - was up to the task!
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Innovation Pack #9: Colgate's Soft Soap Body Wash

Colgate's heart-shaped bottle presented a number of shrink sleeve labeling challenges, including the bottle contours and labeling while empty at high speeds. PDC's R-Series labeler and KST 80 Dual-Zone Steam Tunnel produce beautiful results.