Beer, Wine and Spirits

Shrink Sleeves for the Beer, Wine and Spirits Industries

Neck Banding/Cap Sealing

Whether clear or exquisitely printed, applied to a glass or plastic bottle that is round, oval, rectangular or square, PDC neck banding technology has a well-earned reputation for super high 24/7 reliability. Line speeds range from moderate to 500 cpm and higher.

PDC neckband applications provide the perfect union between a clean, crisp appearance with exceptional graphics, and product security and integrity. PDC has perfected its techniques for a range of film types to achieve stunning results.

PDC is the industry’s preference because we never use light duty spinning knives, which wear quickly and increase the need for equipment maintenance, particularly when used with polyester films. PDC’s proprietary blade assemblies are ruggedly engineered to deliver clean, consistent cuts for months, regardless of film type. PDC blades last months, not days. Many are also double-edged and reversible, so one set provides exceptional value, long service life and can be repeatedly re-sharpened.

Full Body Shrink Sleeves

PDC shrink sleeve labeling technology offers solid brand-building advantages for wine, beer, and spirits companies, from innovative micro-breweries to the world’s most prestigious spirits brands.

Full body shrink sleeves for the spirits industry have long been a PDC specialty. In one recent project, an embossed glass bottle featuring an image and logo had labeling at the neck, front and back. The conversion to a PDC full body shrink sleeve enhanced shelf appeal and visibility – and generated substantial savings. A stock bottle could be used, eliminating front/back label alignment concerns. One sleeve accomplished the tasks of three labels, with greater consistency, lower costs, and other benefits, as well, including the use of just a single application system, rather than the multiple systems that had been required.

Wines and champagnes are moving toward shrink sleeves, too – and for similar reasons. The wine industry is historically creative, and appreciative of superior graphics.

Micro-breweries are using shrink sleeves, decorating blank cans rather than having to inventory large quantities of pre-printed cans. This saves warehouse space, simplifies logistics and saves capital.

PDC’s work with Stack Wines was groundbreaking – the creation of an exciting new category of adult beverage packaging that has proved to be rich with possibilities. Stack Wines is the only snap-apart, single-serve package for premium wines. The ease of its innovative “zip-snap-sip” package has opened new venues and possibilities worldwide, and the important brand will soon expand its offerings with other innovations.

Check out this 60-second video on this packaging innovation from PDC and Stack Wines:



Beer, Wine and Spirits

Questions about your sleeving project?

PDC’s “Total Sleeving Solution” includes specialized consulting regarding:

  • Package analysis
  • Material selection
  • Shrink testing and sample preparation
  • Line layouts and equipment integration
  • Operator controls
  • Inspection options
  • Documentation
  • Operator and maintenance training

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