Shrink Sleeve Labeling and Neck Banding For The Food Industry

PDC shrink sleeve labeling and shrink sealers are ideally suited to the “24-7” demand, and the high sanitation expected of food and dairy environments.

Tamper evident applications range from the application of heat shrinkable neckbands for bottles and jars for sauces, spices, and pickles, to the tapered tubs preferred by manufacturers of margarine, yogurt and ice cream.

Full shrink sleeve labeling applications include bottles of flavored milk and tapered cups of fruit and snack foods. Squeezable mayonnaise, ketchup, and salad dressings are other excellent applications for PDC shrink sleeve labeling systems.

Shrink sleeve labeling conforms perfectly to the complex curves of virtually any product shape. Labels can be printed with stunning graphics, allowing companies to use strong visual branding to enhance sales. Sleeves can be applied at up to 600 cpm with exceptional accuracy.



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Questions about your sleeving project?

PDC’s “Total Sleeving Solution” includes specialized consulting regarding:

  • Package analysis
  • Material selection
  • Shrink testing and sample preparation
  • Line layouts and equipment integration
  • Operator controls
  • Inspection options
  • Documentation
  • Operator and maintenance training

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