Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service

PDC prides itself on the high quality service and support provided by our technicians and staff. Our many loyal, repeat customers confirm that PDC not only builds top quality machinery, but our focus on solid mechanical designs results in machinery that is easily maintained and understood. PDC serves a broad range of customers throughout the Americas and Europe, and has multilingual technical personnel fluent in Spanish.

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Service Policy

PDC is committed to shipping inventoried parts on the same day we receive your confirmed purchase order, and to fill other orders as quickly as possible. PDC personnel are always ready to assist you in a helpful, cooperative and courteous manner.

Our Technical Services Group

The PDC Technical Services Group consists of experienced mechanical and electrical technicians, many PMMI Certified, who build and test machinery as well as install, service and provide training to customer personnel. Contact PDC Service

Spare Parts at PDC Direct

PDC Direct is our exceptional parts system that makes it easy for customers to quickly get spare parts, including blade assemblies, and the technical service they need. Staffed by experienced people who know how to get you what you need quickly, PDC Direct is designed to satisfy everything you and your staff need to obtain the parts you require . . . quickly and easily.

Preventive Maintenance

PDC technicians are available for field inspections to insure machinery is running at its best. We can make recommendations and provide guidance regarding preventive maintenance, and perform those tasks as required.


PDC provides customized training in the format that best meets the needs of your facility and staff. Typically, most of the training consists of hands-on demonstrations and coaching your staff right at the machinery, optimizing skill retention. We also offer more structured classroom-style training with handouts and teaching aids to complement the hands-on training.

All PDC technicians are PMMI Certified trainers. Effective training techniques are used to insure that the concepts and information are conveyed clearly and are retained by your personnel. Training aids, specific to your model and application, provide concise reminders of how a given process should be performed and reinforce the learning process.

PDC Refurbishing Services

Since PDC machines are the most rugged machines on the market they often are retooled for new applications after many years of service. PDC offers refurbishing services, both in the field and at our plant. Since PDC machinery has so few moving parts, often just updating a few replacement parts and reworking the blade assembly will insure many more years of high performance and uninterrupted productivity – all extremely cost-effectively.


Every machine comes with the PDC Operational Manual, which has sections pertaining to:

  • Safety Precautions
  • Descriptions
  • Control Panel Functions
  • Operation
  • Blade Replacement
  • Troubleshooting Guide
  • Lubrication Schedule
  • Recommended Spare Parts List
  • Drawings – Sub-Assemblies
  • Touchscreen Program
  • PLC Program
  • Servo Program
  • Machine Start Up and Sub-Assembly
  • Start Up
  • Shutdown
  • Machine Timing
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Machine Setup Parameters
  • Electrical Schematics
  • Program Diskettes
  • Supplemental Manual