Hear from our Happy Clients

“They are very robust pieces of equipment that have exceptional performance, and boy, in 30 years of being in the maintenance area, I have seen a lot, but very few pieces of equipment that can compare with PDC equipment.”

Del Monte

“Bob Purciello has been a huge help throughout this whole process. and to this day if I have any issues, he's always available to call or text to help through any issues”

Rick Foster, Packaging Manager Collective Arts Brewing

Working with PDC International over the years has been a great experience, their product is of the highest quality, their technicians are knowledgeable, and their customer service is always available when we need it.

I fully recommend PDC International for all your labeling needs.

Raul Badia Spices, Inc.

“PDC has been a great company to work with over the last seven years. We own nine PDC sleevers across three manufacturers, and we are extremely satisfied with the performance of their machines. Considering how unique our package is compared to the beverage industry, it was challenging to find a sleeving machine manufacturer who could customize a solution for us, but the team at PDC was willing to help us.”

“Gary, Bob, and the rest of the service team there has always been extremely helpful in getting us a quick turnaround, a service technician and or parts.”

“If we have future needs for more sleeving machines, PDC will be our preferred manufacturer for those additional machines”

Jonas McCracken good2grow​, Inc.

“We needed a shrink sleeve placer for aerosol cans – a cut-in-place system for tamper evident banding. We thought this could be the most problematic of the equipment we were buying at the time, because we had never used one before. In fact, it turned out to be the easiest machine to use of any we have.

We supplied PDC with a sample can, and they supplied a machine tailored to exactly what we needed, then backed it with fantastic tech support. Our product is an aerosol foam sealant used by homeowners and contractors – it’s labeled at a rate of 70 a minute, 2 shifts.”

Brian Downey DAP Inc.

“We manufacture eye care related products, and have done business with PDC since the late 80s. We did an extensive evaluation of vendors, and they’ve been a preferred supplier ever since. Our most recent system was installed here in Ft. Worth; we also have several PDC systems in process for our new plant in Singapore.

The combination of baby boomers getting older and increasingly needing our products, and emerging markets becoming more affluent and better able to care for their sight is fueling substantial growth for us – we see PDC as an excellent partner for this growth.”

John Brown Alcon Labs

“We’ve had a great relationship with PDC since Tropicana Group/Pepsi recommended them to us. Our first system was purchased in 2002; we now have two R-300s running side by side. These are hot-fill PET lines that apply full shrink labels, and perfect registration is critical.

We bought the R-300s because of their versatility – we label containers that are 8 oz. to 46 oz. – every bottle is different and there are 20 different sized labels. The tallest is 10”, so the system must be highly and easily adjustable. As a contract manufacturer, we need lots of change parts, and PDC’s turnaround is always very fast. PDC has provided great help and technical support.”

Steve Becker Century Foods International

"We transitioned from offset printed cups to shrink sleeves in order to upgrade the look, feel and performance. We partnered with Eastgate Graphics for the cup decoration, and together with them, researched the best equipment option. We looked at all the high end, and the ‘value’ priced equipment, as well as different shrink application approaches, and PDC was the clear winner for us. They were able to get us up and running quickly, and we liked that they are a domestic supplier. With a time crunch involved, it was also valuable that we were able to do equipment evaluations simultaneously with small production runs. We also liked that PDC had no affiliation with a shrink sleeve producer – they work well with all players, so we had total freedom to pick ‘best of breed.’

F’Real is growing fast. We needed to know that we wouldn’t ‘grow out’ of our vendor choices, or have to deal with equipment break downs. PDC equipment runs flawlessly, non-stop."

Jen Voges F'Real Foods, LLC

“We were looking for a high-speed shrink labeling system that could handle quick, frequent changeovers of single-product containers. We wanted a system with robust construction – and good ‘fit and finish.’ And we wanted to be able to switch mandrels, feed screws, and other change parts without a toolbox.

We also had strong preferences in terms of system features, and we needed equipment that could operate 2-3 shifts (depending on the season), 6 days. Since operation would be continuous, we needed to know we could get spare parts off-the-shelf, at a reasonable cost. PDC accomplished all of this. Our R-300 is distinctive in that it configures as a multipacker, as a shrink labeler, and as a combination system for individual products. The system accommodates rigid packages, cartons, bottles, cans, and special shapes. PDC's technical expertise has proven invaluable for all of our applications.”

Jesse Otterson Eastgate Graphics

"We bought our original 2 PDC neck banding systems in the early 80s, for tamper evidence.  They are true work-horses, running 20 hours a day, 5 days a week.  We neck band at 150-200 bottles per minute, running PVC bands that are 68 to 42 lay-flat size, 2-3 mil gauge.  We are literally the poster kids for systems that run continuously and reliably.

We now have 5 PDC systems and use them for all of our sauces.  The equipment’s only downtime was following Katrina, when, after being in 5’ of water, they had to be refurbished.  They were returned to service immediately – they are incredibly robust systems.”

Doug Wakefield Baumer Foods, Inc.

“All of the neck shrink sleeve applications for Jim Beam – our premium and upscale products – are done on PDC equipment. They do a fine job – I bought the first system about 10 years ago for our Cincinnati plant, and we recently purchased two additional machines. People from the food and paint industries come in here to see how they operate, and the systems virtually sell themselves. A month ago, we needed change parts; we sent samples and drawings and quickly received the specified part. Their customer service is exceptional.”

Robert Land Jim Beam Brands

“We bought our first PDC system for tamper evident neck banding on our bottled juices – also ketchup – in 2000. The machine was re-built, so we anticipated adjustments might be needed. One thing we found was we needed a deeper perforation for the film we were using – a different knife system. PDC’s service technician came here, quickly made and implemented a solution, and we’ve been operating that line at 400 bottles per minute ever since. In about 2007, we purchased a second system – this time new equipment, a full sleever, also for bottled juices. Any time we need change parts, they arrive quickly; their technical support is excellent.”

Wayne Smith Grace Kennedy

“We purchased three systems for the sleeve labeling of syrup products, which include Ghirardelli, Starbucks and our house recipes. The material is high-shrink, and registration must be perfect all of the time. Speeds are up to 200 containers per minute.We’re particularly impressed by PDC tooling – it’s robust, with big shafts and solid cores. Change parts are also easy to get – and the design is very straightforward, so you can hit it every time. A competitive system we’ve used that was purchased by a customer for a co-pack program is a ‘tinker toy’ by comparison. The downtime and changeover time is double that of the PDC tooling – and the life is half as long. We are also impressed with the customer service we get: our people even have the home and cell numbers for service people at PDC if they need immediate assistance.”

Bill McKeighen Lyons Magnus

“We use PDC equipment to apply 33mm to 38 mm finish PET neckbands for syrups and barbecue sauces.  This is the tamper-evident technology that Wal-Mart, a major customer of ours, prefers for their ‘Great Value’ brand products.

We’ve had three of these systems for 20+ years and they just run – from 110 to 200 bottles per minute, with no issues.  Registration is not always critical, but when it is, we get great consistency.  And we get excellent service on spare parts and change parts.”

Ron Ritter Carriage House

“Our PDC system applies neck bands to all of our ‘409’ cups for cultured products. We did some experimenting with their engineering team with a new idea for a captivating system – how the cups are held for neck banding – and came up with a solution that works well for our application. PDC also assisted in implementing a quality control step that would sense if the band was present and properly applied.”

Joe Miskovic Kraft Foods Inc.

“We installed a PDC system for our sleeved bottles several years ago. This was a new line for all of our pint products, and I wish all of our machines were made by them. The equipment was built by people who really know their machines. It’s built heavy, and the only thing you ever need to do is lubricate on schedule and change the blade – or flip it around and use the other side. We have never had to spend a bunch of money to keep it running. When you call in for a part, you always get someone who knows what they are talking about. The builder of the machine and the service techs are the same people – there’s none of that ‘he said, they said’ business. They also supplied a shrink tunnel, and an electric band oven, so that the narrow neck area of the bottle gets a little more heat for the tightest fit to the cap. When you have equipment and people that are this great, it certainly makes life easier.”

Gary Shaffer Rutter’s Dairy Inc.

“We have 4 PDC tamper-evident banding systems for ice creams. We became acquainted with PDC through the referral of a banding material supplier in 2001. We benchmarked their systems in 2001 and found they were very robust. The machines are fully mechanical –and build like tanks. And they were the only machines that could give us high speed (250/cups per minute, with an actual rating of 300 cups/minute) in what was then very limited space. On our ‘swing’ line, we run little cups to 24 ounce cups to quarts on one bander and the fact that tooling is straightforward and easy to changeover is a real benefit.”

Pete Gosselin
 Ben & Jerry’s

“We use (PDC) Model 75s to apply neckbands to our 2, 5 and 12. oz. pepper sauces. We recently bought a system – our fifth - for miniatures. The original four systems have operated since 1990. We bought them for performance, and speed; systems run 300 bottles per minute. We also wanted to keep the parts inventory interchangeable. Todd Smith, in parts, has always worked with us to get the best service life. Recently, he recommended hardened blades to cut the PETG films we need for shipments to certain countries. PETG is abrasive, and we wanted a longer service life from these movable blades, without sacrificing the stationary blades.”

Jay Boudreaux
 McIhenny Company (Tabasco)

“Two years ago, we replaced another tamper evident banding system with PDC equipment.   We run 800-900 jars a minute, of baby foods and juices. With the former system, tooling changeovers took an entire shift –a  whole day. Now, changeovers take just 20 minutes.  Also, the former system took 6-8 times the space to do the same work- and it was costly to keep running, because it had so many moving parts. The PDC system has very few moving parts –and it’s very user friendly. PDC did the training and set-up at the time of installation, and it performs very well. All Heinz tamper evident baby food products are done on PDC equipment.”

Pete Gossman
 H.J. Heinz Company of Canada LP

"We produce over 380 million plastic bottles annually for consumer products. There are about 20 different bottles, from 6 oz. to 60 oz. We have two PDC machines used for sleeving, purchased a year apart. We get very good tech support: whatever we need, we get immediately. I would like to convey my sincere thanks for working hard to make the delivery of the tooling and feed screws. This was an impossible task which PDC made happen. Samples were approved by the customer yesterday, and we are in production today."

Raj Desai
 Monarch Plastics Inc.

“We purchased our first PDC system in 1993. It was installed by the man who invented it, which was very impressive to us. We’ve bought 5 other systems since then and we still get that kind of attention. We use the (PDC) equipment on every line we run to apply full body sleeves for fabric paint and window etching products, and to tamper-proof the flip cups for paint, stains and glue. The systems run 24 hours, 5 days a week & we’ve had no issues at all.”

Frederick Kessie 
Plaid Enterprises

I bought PDC systems for 3 facilities – full body sleeve equipment for our Jeffersonville and Morristown plants, and a neckbanding system for our facility here in Dallas. The Dallas neckband line includes a post-shrink tunnel, also supplied by PDC. It works on our mouthwash line, and has been in operation for about 8 years with no problems. Recently, we contacted PDC regarding new tooling for a different-sized neckband. As always, customer service was excellent.”

Dave Gilliard
 Colgate Palmolive

“We met PDC through a film supplier about 6 years ago and were impressed by the machines – they are consistent and mechanical, and ran smoothly – none of that banging and clattering we saw with other equipment.

We use 3 (PDC) machines for tamper proof neckband sealing of our spice bottles. One of the lines has a pre-shrink, which they also supplied. I also introduced them to our Hunt Valley plant, which now uses PDC machines.

Some products, including our Clubhouse glass bottles, require precise registration, and we get excellent results with these, too. Tech support issues are very few, and we always get a great response – the machines and the transactions are always very smooth.”

Jim Connolly
 McCormick Canada

“We were looking at labelers at a facility in Toronto and saw an older PDC system running at high speed for a contact lens solution line. PDC has an excellent reputation as a top supplier of tamper evident banding systems. Sleevers and banders – everyone wants to get in on these applications, but PDC’s are the best tamper evident banding machines. Their machines are solid – our technicians like their heavy-duty, rugged nature. We have bought 4 over a 2-year period: one machine has a pre-shrink gun after the application to prevent slippage; the others are supported by the shoulder of the bottle, so the gun is not needed.

We added a few key features to help during change-overs, specifically an accumulator so that material stays in the storage area, with a ‘dancer bar’ holding the material for a couple of minutes of run time while rolls are changed. We also customized detection-side features, by modifying the photo detection device with 6 sensors – they cover 360° at four points – to detect band presence.

Their install technician, Carl, helped with set-up on the first machine, and every one since. He has incredible knowledge – working with him on projects made everything go smoothly.”

Jason Szuba
 McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Canada

“We’ve used a PDC Model 65M for tamper evident neck banding for more than 20 years. It is one of our older pieces of equipment, and the one that has the least amount of problems. The feature that sold us in the beginning what how straightforward and direct-to-the-point it was.

We originally had a single-screw, which was adapted to a twin-screw type to accommodate plastic bottles, which are packed hot. We use a heat gun following band application, also from PDC, for bottles that have straight shoulders. Engineering has always been very helpful.”

Frank Maranino 
Sea Breeze Fruit Flavors

“We have 12 PDC systems here in Ft. Worth, one in Brazil, one in Mexico City, and we’ll soon have one in Singapore. We were one of their first customers and have an excellent relationship. The most recent system we purchased applies tamper bands on prescription drug bottles one ounce and smaller. We like that they have excellent documentation for change parts; if we need a replacement, they can provide it in just 1-2 weeks.”

Dan Epley Alcon Labs

“We manufacture generic prescription liquids for a broad range of purposes at this facility. All of the bottles are neck banded with PDC model 75s and 50s. We also have a pre-shrinker for whole bottle bands that shoots bottles with a jet of hot air.

During our upcoming fourth of July shutdown, we’ll run R&D batches of a new product – an 8 oz. mouthwash – and install add-ons to some machines. PDC will also update our PLC programming. They’ve always provided excellent tech support. Qualitest is all in the US. now, but will soon market internationally. We see PDC as an excellent partner for this expansion of our business.”

Jim Tapscott
 Qualitest/Vintage Pharmaceuticals

“I’ve been a PDC customer for more than 25 years. Most recently, we bought a system for our west coast operation. We use their neckbanders and heat tunnels for all of our salad dressings – both T. Marzetti and Teresa’s. The systems are rated at 150 per minute. I can’t comment on tech support – the 25-year old machine has never needed help, and the new system – the one we've had for just 8 years – hasn’t either. We also use one of their fancy tunnels – an 8-foot – with two styles of heat: radiant up front and a secondary heat for the shrink; that does a great job, too.

Even though PDC equipment has never had an issue, our band people did once, and even though it wasn’t their problem, PDC came out and helped with that.”

Dave Gietz
 T. Marzetti Company

“We have two PDC sleeve labelers for our ready-to-drink teas. PDC is the Cadillac of sleeve labelers. As an independent bottling plant with more than 90 customers, it’s important that we can switch over quickly. We run 8 oz. to 46 oz. bottles, PDC is the Cadillac of sleeve labelers. As an independent bottling plant with more than 90 customers, it’s important that we can switch over quickly. We run 8 oz. to 46 oz. bottles, plastic and glass, and the bottles all have different shapes. The PDC systems self-adjust with just new change parts – one hour is all it takes. This quick-change capability is huge. We’re buying a third (PDC) labeler, and it’s very beneficial that all our tooling will work with it – virtually everything matches up, except the feed screws.

We had another brand sleeve labeler – it would skip and shoot and was not very reliable. Rather than boost their servos, this thing had 5 heads. The PDC has one head and fires fast and sure thanks to a powerful servo.

Our systems are rated for 300 cpm, but I think they’re under-rated. We really push them – and get 350 to 400 containers per minute, with no issues."

Brian Dworkin Castle Co-Packers
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