Efficiency and Uptime

PDC Guarantees Ultimate Productivity

Our many loyal, repeat customers confirm that PDC not only builds top quality machinery, but our focus on solid mechanical designs results in machinery that is easily maintained and understood.

PDC machines are built to perform 24/7/365. Their Heavy Duty, robust construction means years and years of reliable, highly efficient operation.

Most PDC machinery built in the 80’s and 90’s is still in operation. They are built like tanks and are almost unstoppable.

7 Factors Make PDC Packaging Machines Better

Highest Reliability

PDC packaging machines are designed by mechanical engineers to perform their tasks consistently over millions of operations. PDC packaging machines have a well-earned reputation for exceptional reliability.


PDC packaging machines are primarily mechanical, with no vacuum, or spinning knives. This makes PDC packaging machines sturdy and extremely heavy-duty.

Ease of Maintenance

Purchased parts are all “off the shelf;” no customized electronics. No “Black Boxes”. Replacements can be sourced locally, quickly, and inexpensively.

Quick Tool-less Changeover

PDC packaging machines are designed with “fixed,” rather than adjustable change parts. Installation is possible just one way. Typical changeovers range from 5-20 minutes.

In-house Machining – Total Vertical Integration

PDC manufactures all of the mechanical parts in our packaging machines; there is no reliance on subcontractors. We provide the highest quality control for precision assemblies such as cutting blades, perforators and tooling.

Central Drives / Timing

Most PDC packaging machines have one main drive providing critical motions. This means timing and synchronization are fixed and permanent, and as you change tooling or speeds, no retiming is needed.

Safety Features

PDC packaging machines are fully safety guarded. All doors are safety interlocked with Category 2 Safety circuit standard equipment.