Innovation Pack #9: Colgate's Soft Soap Body Wash

Hi, I'm Neal Konstantin, president of PDC International. Welcome to Innovation Pack number nine, Colgate's heart-shaped bottle, which is used for a number of household and personal products. Why does this shrink label package qualify as a PDC Innovation Pack? Well, the challenges were multiple and complex. First, this oval PET bottle needed to be labeled empty and at high speeds of over 250 bottles a minute. A PDC R-Series labeler fit the bill perfectly. With the empty bottles being light and top-heavy, any mishandling would knock them over, potentially causing a jam and stopping the line. So for product handling, we used our dual, counter rotating timing screw drive, which then feeds into a pair of servo-controlled cleated belts. These belts positively guide the bottles at their base near the conveyor, controlling them throughout the sleeve application process. This was a great solution to a difficult challenge. Very precise orientation of the graphics on the oval bottle was also required, so PDC used our proprietary oval-shape mandrel design to match the container profile for accurate side-to-side positioning of the label graphics. Shrinking PET labels on empty PET bottles is also a challenge. In forming to bottles contours without deforming, the empty containers require very precise directing of the steam at exactly the right places at exactly the right time. PDC's reliable KST 80 Dual-Zone Steam Tunnel, thermostatically controlled, did a great job providing beautiful end results. PDC has the right sleeve applicators, product handling, and shrink tunnels to accomplish not only simple applications, but even the most challenging. Let us review your upcoming shrink sleeve challenges. You'll have the commitment of our entire team for a successful project and startup. We guarantee it. Thank you. For your next shrink sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at SALES@PDC-CORP.COM or call (203) 853-1516.

R-300 for Beer Can Labeling

Innovation Pack #8: Foam Latté Package

Hi, I'm Neal Konstantin, and I'm President of PDC International Corporation. Welcome to Innovation Pack number eight. Today we're featuring the foam latte package from Frutarom, a global flavor company, and it exhibits some unique attributes of use of the shrink sleeve in creative and new ways. We use the PDC model 75ERL as the sleeve applicator in this instance. It features the horizontal, partial vertical perforator required, the graphic registration, and the ability to apply not only this label, but also some tamper evident seals onto some other bottles that they're running on this same line. Even with this challenging shrink we were able to use our standard dual zone KST80 steam tunnel. We're able to focus the steam exactly where we need it at the correct temperature, in exactly the right amounts to accomplish this beautiful end product. Frutarom really pushed the envelope on the use of shrink sleeve technology on this beautiful package. The PDC shrink lab is focused on package development for consumer products companies and we would be pleased to test your products and make prototypes, take videos, make samples, and return those to you. We would look forward to working with you on future projects. Thank you. For your next shrink sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@pdc-corp.com. Or call 203-853-1516. Thank you.

PDC Innovation Pack #3: POM

Hi. I'm Neal Konstantin, and I'm the president of PDC International Corporation. Welcome to Innovation Pack number three. Today we're going to talk about a package from POM Wonderful. Why did we select this package for our Innovation Pack? Just one look will tell you, gorgeous, brilliant graphics. The label beginning at the base of the package, conforming around all the complex curves, nesting into the space between the spheres and continuing up the package, around the neck area, towards the closure. It's really an exceptional example of the use of shrink sleeve and the technology. So how did we do this? Well, it starts with an R-300 shrink labeler, PDC workhorse, heavy-duty shrink labeler made for 24/7 operation. And PDC steam tunnels, conform series steam tunnels, which are proprietary and utilize control systems that are unique to PDC's technology. We've also employed special use of a venting blade system, that allows a sleeve to vent air from below it during the shrinking process. So by placing certain vents at very specific locations, we're able to control the shrinking process on the package. We look forward to working with you as you bring new products to market. In our shrink lab, we can help make prototypes, samples for you, help develop all the proper film characteristics and specifications, make test market samples. And with the PDC team, help you launch a new product successfully. For your next shrink sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@pdc-corp.com or call (203) 853-1516. Thank you.

PDC Innovation Pack #7: Stack Wine

My name is Neal Konstantin, and I'm president of PDC International Corporation. Welcome to Innovation Pack #7. Why is this package worthy of becoming an innovation pack? Well, this is a product by Stack Tech, called Stack Wines. It's used in the wine industry to multi-pack multiple servings of wine in a single package. What's unique about this package is that it accomplishes a number of things simultaneously; one, it unitizes all the products together so it serves as a unitizing function. It protects the products as well, so through the point of purchase, all these individual glass servings are protected. It provides all the graphics, the primary graphics, a UPC code for the point of purchase. And also there is a full-height perforation, which allows for the easy removal of the sleeve. For this type of application, we use a PDC R-series Shrink Labeler. In this case, the R-250. Once the product is sleeved, the package goes through a PDC steam tunnel, typically 80 inches in length, multiple zones, and thermostatically controlled. This type of twin packing and multi-packing is also used in the fruit industry, the personal products industry, and the household products industries. For your next shrink-sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@PDC-CORP.com or call (203) 853-1516. Thank you.

PDC Innovation Pack #4: Spirits Industry

Innovation Kit: Stunning Shrink Labeling for the Spirits Industry

One of the markets that PDC serves is the spirits industry, and we provide machinery for tamper evident banding or on the closures of spirits as well as full body shrink labeling as in the case with this vodka product. It produces a stunning visual impression from the stem to stern, top to bottom. There's texture in the sleeve, bright graphics, metallic, and it creates an impression that is second to none. It can be provided in a seasonal type of label, various flavors and it creates an impression on the shelf at the point of purchase, which sets it apart from other products in the store. Sleeves with these types of attributes can be used in other markets as well, other types of beverages, personal products, dairy products and food products. PDC machines which perform this type of function are the PDC R-Series of labelers. We have R-100, R-250, R-300 and R-500 for various speeds and requirements and the shrinking is done in steam tunnels. It might be multiple zone steam tunnels which we filter the steam very carefully, very carefully regulate the amount of steam flowing into the chambers and directed exactly at the package where it's most needed. For your next shrink sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@pdc-corp.com or call (203) 853-1516. Thank you.

PDC Innovation Pack #5: Optic White Pen

PDC shrink sleevers are used in all sorts of products, including medical devices, and other types of similar products. In this case, this is a whitening pen, and it was part of a larger production line. And what's interesting about this is that we sleeve the cylinder barrel itself in a fixture, four up, which then go into assembly machines to produce the completed pen. So, we're taking in the fixture. We're metering it through the machine four at a time. We're then, shrinking them upright in a dual zone dry heat tunnel, first zone being radiated heat, the second zone being convection hot air, to produce a perfect, distortion free label. In every shrink sleeving project, PDC participates in determining material specifications, material sizing, grades of materials, and we will go through a testing process with grid patterned sleeves, in order to provide optimal shrink tunnels, as well as approval by the customer, prior to the fabrication of either the machine or the printing of the sleeves. PDC was founded as an automation company in the late 1960's. So, our engineering skills are very, very strong and are the foundation of our success as a company. What that means is that we can design peripheral product handling, specialty assemblies, in addition to the sleeving and shrinking portions of the products that we make. We can provide much more equipment than just the sleeving aspect to it. Special product handling, coding, vision systems, all of these types of equipment can be integrated into a final system. For your next shrink sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@PDC-corp.com or call 203-853-1516. Thank you.

PDC Innovation Pack #6: Good 2 Grow

Hi, I'm Neal Konstantin, President of PDC International Corporation. We produce a line of shrink sleeve labeling machinery and tamper evident banders for corporations worldwide. We're here today with Kermit the Frog and we're going to talk about good2grow, a line of water and juice products for children that utilizes some innovative technology including shrink sleeves. We have a body label that features all the bright graphics and there's also a tamper evident seal that is applied separately to secure the figurine head through the point of purchase. What's unusual about that and a little bit tricky is that the tamper evident seal has to be controlled as it passes over the figurine head, pre-shrunk in position, and then both go through a steam tunnel, a PDC steam tunnel. These bottles are being run on many PDC systems at various bottlers, R model, R500, R300, and R250, all using various steam tunnels. The bottle itself is washable, recyclable, reusable, and kids love it. For your next shrink sleeving project please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@pdc-corp.com and (203)853-1516. Thank you.