Tooling component in tetrahedron machines, by which the material is refolded before being fed through the cutting blades. Benefit: a very reliable and consistent system. Typically used for neckbands, can be used for full sleeves. Allows for quick and easy changeover.

Upstream Photo Eyes

Also known as Choke Feed: two eyes which are mounted on the customer's conveyor upstream of the machine to monitor product flow. These eyes automatically pause the machine in the absence of containers and restart it once product arrives at the machine. The eyes feature time delays for both on and off functions and for fine tuning the machine in relation to the line operation. Benefit: prevents machine cycling when no product is present and insures non-round containers enter the machine without jamming.

UL Approval of Electrical Panel

Obtaining UL (Underwriters Laboratories) inspection and approval sticker on the main electrical panel and enclosure. Benefit: While not implying every individual component is UL approved, it assures compliance with UL manufacturing and quality standards.

Touch Screen Interface

Also known as HMI (human machine interface), has multiple screens of pushbuttons for machine sensors and speed controls, which can be pass-word protected at various levels. Connects to machine PLC and can be flexibly programmed. Benefit: provides state-of-the-art operator controls, flexibility and facilitates data gathering and performance tracking, optimizing asset utilization.

Tool-less Changeover

Conversion from one container format to another without the use of tools, or with the absolute minimum. Benefit: simplifies and speeds up changeover time, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Timing Screw Drive

Standard on most machines: the unit which holds and drives the timing screw, a helix with a pocket cut for a specific bottle profile which positively handles the container through the infeed, banding and discharge of the machine. Benefit: an extremely positive and robust product handling method which insures bottle location and correct timing, providing high machine efficiency and increased productivity.

Tear Tab Blades or Slit Tab Blades

Available on certain models, cut off blades which produce a tab at the top of the sleeve for easy opening of the tamper evident seal. Benefit: a band configuration convenient for the consumer to grasp and open.

Status Indicator Light Bank

Multicolored stack light which indicates machine status and line conditions, such as: running normally, waiting for bottles, low material, material out, downstream jam, or customer specified conditions. Some sensors are optional. Benefit: provides visual indication of machine and production line status from a distance, contributing to higher line efficiencies.

Static Eliminator

Utilizing either ionized air, or anti-static bars, this system dissipates the static electricity charge in the sleeving material which is the result of the sleeve converting or printing process. Benefit: allows material charged with static to run through the machinery and be correctly applied. Reduces downtime and rejected material; improves line efficiency and productivity.

Stainless Steel Parts Package

Also known as Washdown Package. Typically includes stainless steel timing screw drive or product handling, collars, fasteners and shafts. On smaller models includes stainless steel main electrical enclosure. Benefit: reduces potential for corrosion and is appropriate for higher sanitary levels.