Crating for Shipment

Complete enclosure of machine in a sturdy wooden crate; typically required for export by truck or ship. In the standard preparation for shipment the machine is lagged onto a skid and wrapped. Benefit: crating completely protects all components in transit.


Conveyor belts, either plastic or stainless steel chain, with either AC or DC drives, used to convey containers into, out of, or through a PDC machine. Conveyor drive may be in the PDC electrical enclosure and the speed may be controlled on the push button station or HMI/Operator Touch screen. Benefit: conveyors provided by PDC assure compatibility with the application and temperatures required, and can be inserted into the customer's line, reducing labor and installation time.

Complete Set of Tooling

All the size-specific components required to run a given container and neckband or label. Benefit: tooling is precisely made for the specific packaging components, providing highly efficient operation.

Cluster Lubrication

Connects flexible lines from bearings to a manifold on the exterior of the machine frame. Benefit: allows convenient and thorough lubrication, eliminating the possibility of missing hard to reach bearings; reducing downtime.

Casters & Leveling Pads

Available on some machine models to move machines from line to line. Benefit: machine can be utilized on multiple lines, or the line can be reconfigured as required, increasing flexibility.

Cabinet Cooler

Also known as Closed Loop Heat Exchanger, used with machines containing servos to maintain cabinet temperatures. Benefit: avoids the possible erratic behavior of servo motors due to heat build up in electrical enclosure.

Cabinet Air Conditioner

As an upgrade to those models which require a heat exchanger. Unit maintains a fixed temperature in the electrical cabinet. Benefit: helps control sensitive electronics in extreme temperature situations.