Dual Speed Control

Photocell and circuitry which monitors upstream accumulation area or a long conveyor. Toggles the machine to higher speed to clear upstream accumulation, then when the accumulation is reduced and the eye is cleared, speed reduces to normal rate. Benefit: provides for automatic monitoring and clearing of upstream accumulation areas.


AC – standard motor and controller type for most machine models. Benefit: cost effective motion control for moderate speed applications.

Downstream Photo Eye

Monitors product flow after machine and detects back up on conveyor downstream of the machine, such as from a paused case packer. When the photocell is blocked, the PDC machine is paused. Once the jam is cleared the PDC machine will sound a tone to alert operators and the machine will automatically restart. Benefit: prevents product back ups into the machine; allows the controlled starting and stopping of the line without jamming the machinery, reducing product damage and downtime and increasing productivity.

Digital Dials for Quick Changeover

Numerical dial readouts that note position; used to provide guidance for changeover. Benefit: Reduces Changeover time by indicating positioning of movable assemblies, increasing productivity.