Engraved Tags on Devices

The optional installation of engraved, lamicoid type labels onto photocells, near motors and sensors, etc. This is in contrast to standard marking which is a permanent laminated printed label, or a laminated hanging tag. Engraved tags are standard on operator panel switches.

Electrical Lock Out/Tag Out

Locking cover which allows the padlocking of power switches. Benefit: as per the OSHA guideline, allows for the securing of control power in a safe mode so that a machine can be maintained safely.

Ejection Verification

Sensor confirms the ejection cycle of an Inspection/Ejection unit. A beam across the entrance of the eject tray is broken after each eject command to confirm the ejection has taken place. If the beam is not broken the machine is paused and the operator alerted. Benefit: confirms that product intended to be ejected is moved off conveyor, reducing the likelihood of a bad product continuing down the line, insuring product integrity.