Inspection/Ejection Unit

For verification of the presence and/or location of a tamper evident seal or label, system utilizes either the visible or ultraviolet light spectrums. Ejection unit moves the product in question off the production line onto an optional tray or customer-provided bin. Benefit: provides automatic inspection and confirmation of sleeve presence and/or placement, and greatly minimizing product that does not comply with acceptable criteria. Minimizes visual inspection and produces a higher quality product flow.

Indexing Conveyors w/Fixtures

Conveyor mechanically linked to the drive of the application machine through an indexer (gearbox which advances a specific number of degrees and therefore advances the belt a certain distance every cycle.) Used for applications where a product is fed, either manually or by a robotic device, into the fixture and then presented directly under the sleeve application point. Indexing conveyor application speeds are up to 100 packages per minute due to the issues of inertia when indexing a large mass. Benefit: provides special product handling for unusual applications requiring special positioning or sleeve underlap.

Imprint Verification

Sensor which confirms that an imprint of a certain graphic density was placed onto the sleeve; not character recognition, which would be done with a vision system. Benefit: provides early detection of issues with date/lot code hot stamp imprinter. Increases productivity by minimizing containers requiring rework.