Low Material Sensor w/Beacon

Sensor which reads the diameter of the material roll as it is consumed. Once a point close to the end is reached (this point is adjustable) a signal is sent to an indicating light which may be located on the control panel, touch screen, or light a beacon on top of the machine. Benefit: operator can be prepared to change material rolls, reducing downtime.

Low Air Pressure Switch

Monitors the air pressure coming into the system and pauses the machine if pressure drops below a preset level. Benefit: insures systems that require air pressure, such as inspection/ejection or static eliminator, are able to run properly, having the required pressure. Detects utility flow issue and allows quick correction; minimizing downtime.

Line Pressure Relief Unit

For lines, typically beverage or food, with large amounts of product backpressure. The pressure relief unit is typically a star wheel mounted on an electronically controlled brake. When the machine is in the pause mode the brake is engaged, holding back the excess line pressure from the infeed of the machine. Benefit: This reduces the effect of, and keeps the machine from being knocked out of adjustment by, excessive line pressure.

Light Fixture in Main Electrical Panel

Mounting of a florescent light fixture in large main electrical enclosure. Benefit: provides light for troubleshooting and maintenance within the main electrical enclosure. Not required for standard enclosures, even on large machines. Used only when enclosures are enlarged by additional hardware.