Status Indicator Light Bank

Multicolored stack light which indicates machine status and line conditions, such as: running normally, waiting for bottles, low material, material out, downstream jam, or customer specified conditions. Some sensors are optional. Benefit: provides visual indication of machine and production line status from a distance, contributing to higher line efficiencies.

Static Eliminator

Utilizing either ionized air, or anti-static bars, this system dissipates the static electricity charge in the sleeving material which is the result of the sleeve converting or printing process. Benefit: allows material charged with static to run through the machinery and be correctly applied. Reduces downtime and rejected material; improves line efficiency and productivity.

Stainless Steel Parts Package

Also known as Washdown Package. Typically includes stainless steel timing screw drive or product handling, collars, fasteners and shafts. On smaller models includes stainless steel main electrical enclosure. Benefit: reduces potential for corrosion and is appropriate for higher sanitary levels.

Stainless Steel Frame

PDC standard frame construction is 2.5" x 2.5" 304 stainless steel tubing which is welded for sanitary environmental standards such as in food, dairy and pharmaceutical plants. Benefit: long-lived, corrosion resistant machine frame built for high sanitary standards.

Stainless Steel Covers

18 gauge stainless steel covers used to protect personnel from moving components and pinch points. Benefit: heavy duty, corrosion-resistant guarding.

Splicing Table

Device that facilitates the splicing of the end of one roll into the beginning of the next. Standard on some models. Includes material holder, cutting guide and tape dispenser. Benefit: reduces splicing time and downtime.

Splice On-The-Fly Unwind Stand

PDC unwind stand which in addition to having two reels, splicing table, low material and material out sensors, also has a festoon unwind system that provides a buffer of sleeving material to allow the machine to continue to operate at half speed during the splicing process (40-50 seconds). The festoon material is driven by a separate drive. The operator mounts the new roll of material on the empty reel and gets a Low Material signal before the first roll runs out. When the first roll ends, the machine goes into the splice mode. If necessary the machine is cut to half speed while the operator splices to the new roll of material. Accumulation system includes the festoon, material clamp, and all required sensors and logic. Benefit: allows roll changes while the machine is running, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Splice Detection Sensor

Sensor mounted within head of the machine to detect splicing material within a roll of material. Can either pause the machine or sound an alarm. Benefit: permits the manual or automatic removal of splices within a roll of material or when a new roll is spliced into the machine, improving the quality of the packages and overall product quality.

Splice Detection Ejection Upgrade

As an upgrade to the inspection/ejection unit, this option is the additional sensor and associated logic to detect and eject material splices. Benefit: automatically purges from the line those containers with sleeving material splices.

Solid Stainless Construction

Machining internal plates of the machine from 304 stainless steel, rather than anodized aluminum. Stainless steel machine frame is standard. Benefit: in food or beverage environments solid stainless construction permits higher level of sanitation, and avoids any potential corrosion problems. Available only on certain models.
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