Innovations in Shrink Sleeve Packaging

Looking for ideas on how you can use shrink sleeve labeling in inventive and effective ways for your products? See unique packaging using shrink sleeve labeling and tamper evident banding machinery by PDC in this ebook of case studies.
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Como Selectionar el Tunel Adecuado Para Su Aplicacion de Manga Termoencogible

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How to Select the Right Shrink Tunnel for Your Shrink Sleeve Application

Shrink tunnels are an important part of the process of applying shrink sleeve labels to your product. Find out which kind of tunnel will produce the best possible result.

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How to Select the Correct Film Type for your Shrink Labeling Application

Shrink labels are now tremendously popular options for consumer packaging. Learn more about the importance of materials used in shrink labeling, the film substrates available, the advantages of each and their applications.

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