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“Five” Now the New Standard for Zoned Shrink Tunnels

(Booth Number: 7643) PDC International Corporation, a world leader in high-volume shrink tunnels and shrink label application, introduces its Conform Series 140F Steam Tunnel. This unique tunnel technology has five individually adjustable steam zones for greatest shrink quality and consistency. This is two more than conventional tunnels – and is part of the reason Conform 140F can precisely label 300 containers per minute.

Even at its notable high speed, the Conform 140 shines best when the application is challenging, the shape is complex and other tunnels have failed. Most importantly, it works alone, without the added cost, complexity and footprint of multiple tunnels.


Manufacturers who want an economical, single-tunnel solution that works reliably and consistently for virtually any package shape.International Dairy Show. 

The robust Conform Series 140F Steam Tunnel is the product of 25 years of steam tunnel science. The core of the system is a PDC 80-inch, dual-zone, thermostatically controlled chamber that generates dual walls of steam. Three additional zones are positioned at the infeed for pre-shrinking the label, at the base of the container, and at the discharge of the tunnel, respectively.

The PDC Conform Series 140F accommodates virtually any dairy container, including those that have proven difficult to shrink consistently in traditional tunnels, and those that have required a second tunnel to complete the task.

Everything about the Conform 140F has been developed for flexibility and convenience. Integrated chambers vent steam at the infeed and tunnel discharge, precluding the need for add-on venting. It is ideal for containers that are filled or empty, and virtually any shape, including round, oval, square or asymmetrical. PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA films, in gauges as thin as 30 micron, all shrink uniformly in the Conform Series 140F. The system mounts over existing conveyors, or PDC can supply conveyors engineered for steam environments.

Optional features include integrated counters for filled packages that contain aerosols or other combustibles, tunnel lift stands, devices for managing condensate and steam venting, and steam generators.

The Conform Series 140F is an excellent solution for end-users and contract packers who need a flexible, reliable shrink tunnel at an economical cost. Standard opening dimensions for the unit are 7″ wide X 12″ high.

PDC manufactures shrink tunnels for every packaging requirement, including convection hot air and radiant infrared systems, single and multiple-zone tunnels, and pre and post-shrink systems.

For more information, contact Gary Tantimonico at PDC International, Norwalk, CT 203-853-1516 or