Innovation Pack #8: Foam Latté Package

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Neal Konstantin, and I’m President of PDC International Corporation. Welcome to Innovation Pack number eight.

Today we’re featuring the foam latte package from Frutarom, a global flavor company, and it exhibits some unique attributes of use of the shrink sleeve in creative and new ways.

We use the PDC model 75ERL as the sleeve applicator in this instance. It features the horizontal, partial vertical perforator required, the graphic registration, and the ability to apply not only this label, but also some tamper evident seals onto some other bottles that they’re running on this same line.

Even with this challenging shrink we were able to use our standard dual zone KST80 steam tunnel. We’re able to focus the steam exactly where we need it at the correct temperature, in exactly the right amounts to accomplish this beautiful end product.

Frutarom really pushed the envelope on the use of shrink sleeve technology on this beautiful package. The PDC shrink lab is focused on package development for consumer products companies and we would be pleased to test your products and make prototypes, take videos, make samples, and return those to you.

We would look forward to working with you on future projects. Thank you.

For your next shrink sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at Or call 203-853-1516. Thank you.