Innovation Pack #9: A Supple Skin For Softsoap Body Wash

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Neal Constantine, president of PDC International.
Welcome to Innovation Pack number nine: Colgate’s heart-shaped bottle which is used for a number of household and personal products. Why does this label qualify as a PDC Innovation pack? Well the challenges were multiple and complex.
First, this oval PET bottle needed to be labeled empty and at high speeds of over 250 bottles per minute (bpm). A PDC R-series labeler fit the bill perfectly. With the empty bottles being light and top heavy, any mishandling would knock them over, potentially cause a jam and stopping the line.
So, for product handling we used our dual, counter-rotating screw drive which then feeds into a pair of servo-controlled cleated belts. These belts positively guide the bottles at their base near the conveyor, controlling them throughout the sleeve application process. This was a great solution to a difficult challenge.
Very precise orientation of the graphics on the bottles was also required. So PDC used our proprietary oval-shaped mandrel design to match the container profile for accurate side-to-side positioning of the label graphics.
Shrinking labels on empty PET bottles is also a challenge. Conforming to the bottle’s contours without deforming the empty containers requires very precise directing of the steam at exactly the right places at exactly the right time. PDC’s reliable KST 80 Dual-Zone Steam Tunnel thermostatically controlled and did a great job, providing beautiful end results.
PDC has the right sleeve applicators, product handling, and shrink tunnels to accomplish not only simple applications but even the most challenging. Let us review your upcoming shrink sleeve challenges. You’ll have the commitment of our entire team for a successful project and start up. We guarantee it! Thank you.
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