Jason Szuba

“We were looking at labelers at a facility in Toronto and saw an older PDC system running at high speed for a contact lens solution line. PDC has an excellent reputation as a top supplier of tamper evident banding systems. Sleevers and banders – everyone wants to get in on these applications, but PDC’s are the best tamper evident banding machines. Their machines are solid – our technicians like their heavy-duty, rugged nature. We have bought 4 over a 2-year period: one machine has a pre-shrink gun after the application to prevent slippage; the others are supported by the shoulder of the bottle, so the gun is not needed.

We added a few key features to help during change-overs, specifically an accumulator so that material stays in the storage area, with a ‘dancer bar’ holding the material for a couple of minutes of run time while rolls are changed. We also customized detection-side features, by modifying the photo detection device with 6 sensors – they cover 360° at four points – to detect band presence.

Their install technician, Carl, helped with set-up on the first machine, and every one since. He has incredible knowledge – working with him on projects made everything go smoothly.”