Press Release

KST-55A Steam Tunnel features Advanced Control System and Pre-Shrink Zone

Who benefits?
Contract packers, food and beverage companies who need a very economical steam shrink tunnel to run heat shrinkable sleeve labels.

PDC International Corporation, developer-manufacturer of steam, infrared and convection shrink tunnels, has expanded its product family with the addition of the KST 55-712 steam tunnel with integrated Pre-Shrink Zone.

Most notable: The new PDC KST 55 is a high-quality steam tunnel that incorporates many of the engineering features (such as proprietary nozzle positioning technology and dual-wall stainless steel construction) which have distinguished its larger capacity tunnels and labeling systems.

The KST 55 is a single zone system that precisely focuses the application of heat. This minimizes energy use, optimizes container appearance, and minimizes the risk of container distortion. There are five rows of steam distribution tubes on each side and each is externally adjustable for steam volume.

With the optional Electronic Regulator tunnel temperatures are self-monitoring and adjust continuously to compensate for the “thermal loads” of incoming product. This is particularly important with full and cold containers.

The KST 55 is a moderate speed tunnel, operating up to 100 cpm. It can be used without an electronic regulator for highest-flexibility, manual control. Containers can be filled or empty, and virtually any geometry, including round, oval and square packages. PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA films, in gauges a thin as 30 micron, are compatible.

For higher speeds PDC also offers the KST 80, a Dual Zone 80” Steam Tunnel which can also come with an integrated steam generator.

Optional equipment includes conveyor, cantilevered tunnel stand for easy raising and lowering, a powered steam venting manifold with dampers and condensate diverter package. Steam filtering down to .5 micron provides culinary grade steam while removing impurities.

The KST steam tunnel is an excellent alternative for end-user packagers and contract packers who want a highly reliable and very economical steam shrink tunnel. It is ideal as a stand-alone system, or as a supplemental “third zone” for a dual-zone tunnel. It is also a highly efficient as a pre or post-shrink module. Opening dimensions for the KST -55 are 4-12” in height and 5 to 7” in width, depending upon the application.

Like all steam tunnels, and shrink labeling systems provided by PDC, the KST 55 is manufactured using many readily-available off-the-shelf components. This assures that the system will be easy and inexpensive to maintain throughout its long service life. For more information, contact Gary Tantimonico at 203-853-1516 or PDC Corp. Norwalk, CT.

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