Press Release

New PDC Steam Shrink Tunnel Features Integrated Dual Compact Steam Boilers

Norwalk, CT (October 18, 2018) – PDC International Corporation, a leader in shrink sleeve labeling and shrink tunnel technology, has introduced an agile new steam shrink tunnel, the KST 80-712, with integrated dual compact 30 Kw steam boilers. Once attached to utilities, the KST 80’s boilers provide a plumbed and complete steam tunnel system, eliminating the need to install a costly, separate, remote boiler.

KST 80-712 Features

The KST 80-712 is a dual-zone system with five rows of steam distribution tubes on both sides of each zone for a total of 20 steam runs. Each run is externally adjustable for steam flow and rotary position so adjustments can be made without waiting for the tunnel to cool. Steam regulation is key to consistency, so PDC precisely regulates steam flow in five distinct ways: step-down regulators, condensate traps, steam filtering, a proprietary steam valve and electronic regulation. Each tunnel includes a stainless-steel vent manifold with adjustable dampers to closely regulate the steam exhaust drawn from the tunnel. PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA films, in gauges as thin as 30 microns, all shrink uniformly in the KST 80 steam tunnel.

The Electronic Regulator developed by PDC monitors tunnel temperatures in real time and makes continuous adjustments in steam release to compensate for the “thermal loads” of incoming product. This is particularly useful when the system is running full or cold containers.

Built for a Variety of Containers

The KST 80-712 has stainless dual wall construction and opening dimensions of 7” in width x 12” in height. It is compatible with the widest range of containers for speeds up to 200 containers per minute depending upon container shape. Containers can be filled or empty, and virtually any shape, including round, oval or square.

The system is designed to mount over existing conveyors, or PDC can provide conveyors specifically constructed for use in steam. Options include a Heated Shroud that shields the top of the empty containers inside the tunnel, a condensate diverter package, a culinary grade steam filter that purifies incoming steam and a blower stand with variable frequency drive. Like all PDC steam tunnels, the KST 80 is manufactured in the USA using high quality, standard components that are readily available.

PDC manufactures shrink tunnels for every shrink sleeving task, including convection hot air and radiant infrared systems, single and multiple-zone tunnels, and pre and post
shrink systems. Tunnels can be fully integrated with application machinery, or operate independently.

For more information, contact Gary Tantimonico at PDC International, Norwalk, CT at 203-853-1516, Or visit