PDC Innovation Pack #3: POM

Video Transcript

Hi. I’m Neal Konstantin, and I’m the president of PDC International Corporation. Welcome to Innovation Pack number three. Today we’re going to talk about a package from POM Wonderful. Why did we select this package for our Innovation Pack? Just one look will tell you, gorgeous, brilliant graphics. The label beginning at the base of the package, conforming around all the complex curves, nesting into the space between the spheres and continuing up the package, around the neck area, towards the closure. It’s really an exceptional example of the use of shrink sleeve and the technology.

So how did we do this? Well, it starts with an R-300 shrink labeler, PDC workhorse, heavy-duty shrink labeler made for 24/7 operation. And PDC steam tunnels, conform series steam tunnels, which are proprietary and utilize control systems that are unique to PDC’s technology. We’ve also employed special use of a venting blade system, that allows a sleeve to vent air from below it during the shrinking process. So by placing certain vents at very specific locations, we’re able to control the shrinking process on the package.

We look forward to working with you as you bring new products to market. In our shrink lab, we can help make prototypes, samples for you, help develop all the proper film characteristics and specifications, make test market samples. And with the PDC team, help you launch a new product successfully.

For your next shrink sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@pdc-corp.com or call (203) 853-1516. Thank you.