PDC Innovation Pack #4: Spirits Industry

Video Transcript

Innovation Kit: Stunning Shrink Labeling for the Spirits Industry

One of the markets that PDC serves is the spirits industry, and we provide machinery for tamper evident banding or on the closures of spirits as well as full body shrink labeling as in the case with this vodka product.

It produces a stunning visual impression from the stem to stern, top to bottom. There’s texture in the sleeve, bright graphics, metallic, and it creates an impression that is second to none. It can be provided in a seasonal type of label, various flavors and it creates an impression on the shelf at the point of purchase, which sets it apart from other products in the store.

Sleeves with these types of attributes can be used in other markets as well, other types of beverages, personal products, dairy products and food products. PDC machines which perform this type of function are the PDC R-Series of labelers. We have R-100, R-250, R-300 and R-500 for various speeds and requirements and the shrinking is done in steam tunnels. It might be multiple zone steam tunnels which we filter the steam very carefully, very carefully regulate the amount of steam flowing into the chambers and directed exactly at the package where it’s most needed.

For your next shrink sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@pdc-corp.com or call (203) 853-1516. Thank you.