PDC Innovation Pack #7: Stack Wine

Video Transcript

My name is Neal Konstantin, and I’m president of PDC International Corporation. Welcome to Innovation Pack #7.

Why is this package worthy of becoming an innovation pack? Well, this is a product by Stack Tech, called Stack Wines. It’s used in the wine industry to multi-pack multiple servings of wine in a single package. What’s unique about this package is that it accomplishes a number of things simultaneously; one, it unitizes all the products together so it serves as a unitizing function. It protects the products as well, so through the point of purchase, all these individual glass servings are protected. It provides all the graphics, the primary graphics, a UPC code for the point of purchase. And also there is a full-height perforation, which allows for the easy removal of the sleeve.

For this type of application, we use a PDC R-series Shrink Labeler. In this case, the R-250. Once the product is sleeved, the package goes through a PDC steam tunnel, typically 80 inches in length, multiple zones, and thermostatically controlled.

This type of twin packing and multi-packing is also used in the fruit industry, the personal products industry, and the household products industries.

For your next shrink-sleeving project, please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@PDC-CORP.com or call (203) 853-1516. Thank you.