Press Release

PDC Introduces Twin Pack Shrink Sleever for Aerosol Products

Norwalk, CT (November 28, 2018) – PDC International Corporation, a developer and manufacturer of tamper-evident packaging and sleeve labeling machinery, has introduced a special version of its R Series, the R-300 Aerosol Twin Packer Shrink Sleeve Applicator. The R-300 is ideal for producers of aerosols for foods, health & beauty, household products, paints, sprays and insecticides, as well as club store suppliers and producers looking for in-house twin packing capabilities to minimize costs.

The PDC R-300 Aerosol Twin Packer offers distinctive features that make it ideal for aerosol products. It quickly and easily reconfigures from shrink labeler to multipacker, and back again. The R-300 Twin Packer also accommodates the unique safety issues associated with aerosols and other potentially explosive packages, including product counters at the infeed and discharge of the shrink tunnel. These detect fallen containers and tunnel jams so they can be quickly cleared without incident. PDC Auto-lift Tunnel Stands, for either hot air or steam tunnels, lift the shrink tunnel away from the conveyor automatically, removing the heat source from around the aerosol package, avoiding can explosions.

The R-300 Aerosol Twin Packer is a high-speed shrink sleeve applicator engineered for continuous 24/7 use for a large range of sizes and shapes. The system is compatible with rigid packages, cartons, bottles and cans, and for container sizes ranging from 2 oz. to a gallon. The R-300 is a mandrel-style shrink sleeve applicator that opens and forms the sleeve into various shapes such as oval, square and rectangular. Most importantly, the R-300 replaces the quick-dulling “spinning knives” typical on other sleeving machines with a proprietary heavy-duty knife assembly. PDC’s knives deliver clean, consistent cuts for months, without “hairs” or the ragged cuts produced by rotary cutters. PDC blades last months, not days.

R-300 systems run thinner gauge material, 1.25 to 2 mil (30 to 50 micron) at speeds up to 400 cpm, over extended periods – a huge advantage for high volume producers. PETG, PVC, OPS and PLA films are all suitable. The machine also includes Zero-Downtime Splice-on-the-Fly Accumulators for roll changes that maximize uptime. Available modules perforate vertically or horizontally, and provide precise servo-controlled cutoff registration. Graphic orientation on the sleeve is precisely maintained so that the front facing graphics are always facing the consumer on the store shelves. PDC’s Gate Style ejection system gently diverts non-conforming packages onto a rotary table or eject conveyor.

The R-300 can be built in all-stainless steel for sanitary environments, and like all PDC systems, uses off-the-shelf components, which minimizes maintenance costs over time. Systems are fully enclosed, with static eliminators, and can be supplied with zero-access guarding. Electrical panels can be UL certified; control is via an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC and touch screen. R-300 Multipackers can be supplied alone, or with conveyors, shrink tunnels, printers and vision systems.

PDC International Corporation is a world leader in shrink labeling and tamper evident banding technology for packaging in the food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. For demonstrations of the R-300, contact Gary Tantimonico at 203-853-1516 or For more information on PDC, visit