Press Release

PDC Model 50-E Shrinksealer – Integrating Tamper Evident Systems into Pharma/Medical Device Lines

Norwalk, CT (June 7, 2018) – PDC International Corp., a world leader in tamper evident neck banding technology for packaging in the food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries, recently introduced a special customized version of their shrink sealer for tamper evident banding, the Model 50-E. The Model 50-E is ideal for pharma and medical device packaging engineers and automation companies requiring the specialized knowledge to integrate tamper evident equipment into large manufacturing systems. Utilizing special product handling, the machinery provides security and package integrity, which is crucial in maintaining product safety for high value medications or medical devices.     
Utilizing PDC’s patented Tetrahedron Wedge technology, the Model 50-E mechanically handles sleeving material through the feeding, cutting and application process. Similarly, the product is also handled in a positive manner, never letting it out of machine control throughout the banding process. This machinery is rated for shrink sleeving application speeds up to 130 containers per minute. In addition, the Model 50-E has the capabilities to run either a full sleeve or solely a neck band depending on container specifications. Standard features include: stainless steel frame and covers, timing screw drive, motorized unwind reel and static eliminator. This model is part of a series of PDC shrink sealers that are rugged, reliable, and provide customers with a high value for the price.   

PDC engineers are experts at integrating customer’s specialized product handling, such as escapements for special pallets on which the product is carried, as well as integrating sleeving systems, sleeve applicators and shrink tunnels into medical device assembly equipment for large pharmaceutical production lines. Additionally, the machine configuration can be customized and special electrical panel designs can be provided to comply with line space constraints. As always, the PDC engineering team closely communicates and collaborates with customers to produce the final optimized production line, and PDC electrical engineers program the communications with line controls for system integration.

For more information on PDC’s Model 50 or integrating other PDC machines for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, please visit, or contact Gary Tantimonico at (203) 853-1516 or