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PDC’s 90C-E Shrink Sleeving System 
Lights Up Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle and PDC International Corporation, a leader in shrink sleeve labeling and shrink tunnel technology, have partnered to provide high-speed sleeving systems for their votive candles. The 90C-E Shrink Sleever was chosen because of its robust design and high reliability.

PDC’s 90C-E shrink sleever applies full-body, clear sleeves that protect the candles in multiple ways. The sleeve underlaps and overlaps the candle and is the primary package. It keeps the candle protected, clean and unmarred throughout distribution and the point of purchase. Candles that are not in glass or another container are somewhat irregular in shape and are prone to deformation and shedding wax fragments.

PDC’s Proprietary Product Handling for Wax Candles

PDC developed a proprietary handling system to address a few unique challenges, including manipulation of the wicks, and the candles’ unusual shape and malleability. There was also the requirement to place them on pedestals in order to achieve sleeve underlap.

First, the 90C-E lays down the candle wicks with a top roller. The candles are then positioned horizontally, and a single top timing screw transfers them into O-ring belts that time them onto magnetic fixtures mounted on a servo-controlled conveyor.

Candles are held in position by elevated magnetic fixtures, which grasp the metal base of the wick, allowing the sleeve to underlap the candles. Clear shrink sleeves are applied at 225 pm without stopping the product or the sleeving process.

The wick is then pressed down a second time by a moving tamping device before the candle passes through PDC’s KRC 24-72-54 electric dual-zone hot air shrink tunnel. The shrink tunnel directs heat in a focused manner to securely conform the sleeves to the candle shape, resulting in both underlap and overlap of the sleeves.

Features of the PDC 90C-E Shrink Sleever

The 90C-E shrink sleever can operate at line speeds from 200 to 400 cpm depending on the product and sleeve dimensions. It includes an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC, NEMA-4 Electrical Enclosures and a Servo Feed Drive.

Automatic Material Reel Changeover Feature

A special feature of the 90-Series is our exclusive Automatic Reel Changeover feature for true zero-downtime operation. This system detects when the initial reel is finished, and automatically engages the new reel while the machine is running at full speed – with no operator intervention.

Features of PDC’s KRC 24-72-54 Shrink Tunnel

PDC manufactures shrink tunnels, including convection hot air and radiant infrared systems, single and multiple-zone tunnels, as well as pre and post shrink systems. The tunnels are fully recirculating, minimizing the amount of power needed to maintain proper chamber temperatures. They are constructed of stainless steel, and optional features include Power Auto Lift Tunnel Stands as well as a product monitoring system to detect fallen items within the tunnel.

About PDC

PDC International Corp. is a world leader in shrink sleeve labeling and tamper evident neck banding machinery, as well as shrink tunnels, for the food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. For more information contact Gary Tantimonico at PDC International, Norwalk, CT at, or visit