Press Release

PDC’s New Sanitary Design Shrink Tunnel for Shrink Banding Food Trays

Norwalk, CT (June 15, 2018) – PDC’s new KRC 18-46-144 is the ideal tunnel for food environments, including all the features required to maintain high sanitary standards. The KRC 18-46-144 Shrink Tunnel is used for shrinking tamper evident seals to secure the lids onto clear tubs and trays, such as those used for fresh fruits and vegetables to be sold in supermarkets and C stores.

The KRC 18-46-144 has numerous special features such as an extra wide opening dimension of 14” to accommodate the widest trays and tubs of up to 12″ in width. It also features a top electrical box housing the digital temperature controller, which is elevated by 3” to allow easy cleaning beneath it.

The tunnel controls are housed in upgraded NEMA-rated stainless steel electrical enclosures, which are UL approved. Electrical boxes are sloped so no food waste can rest on them.

The base framework on the tunnel stand features square tubing angled at 45 degrees rather than flat. This also allows no food or waste to rest on it. Cleaning is simple and accessible.

The tunnel includes further upgrades to the blower fan controls providing variable speed controllers to fine tune airflow through the unit, minimizing turbulence in the tunnel chamber.

The tunnel stand is a Power/Auto Lift system, allowing for motorized height adjustments, as well as automatically raising the tunnel in the event that the conveyor stops.

PDC International Corp. is a world leader in shrink sleeve labeling and tamper evident neck banding technology for packaging in the food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. For more information on the KRC 18-46-144 or other other PDC machines for the food and dairy industry, please visit, or contact Gary Tantimonico at (203) 853-1516 or