Press Release

PDC’s R-300 Beer Can Shrink Sleeve Labeling System Reduces Costs and Inventories for Craft and Micro-Breweries

Norwalk, CT (September 26, 2018) – Shrink sleeve labeling on beer cans has gained widespread acceptance in craft and micro-breweries. PDC’s R-300 is the ideal machine to tackle the job of shrink sleeving beer cans, allowing micro-brewers to avoid the large minimum quantities required to print aluminum cans, and to purchase and label smaller quantities as needed. In addition, the R-300 has the speed, technology and cost-effectiveness that small craft brewers are looking for.

A great benefit of shrink sleeving is the ability to design highly attractive, graphic labels. Shrink sleeve labels are printed using multiple printing technologies on flexible shrink film, then formed into tubes. They come to the plant either in roll form for machine application or pre-cut for hand application. Once heated through a shrink tunnel, the film shrinks in size and conforms tightly to the shape of the can, producing an eye-catching product.

About PDC’s R-300

The PDC R-300 Can Labeler runs at speeds in excess of 300 cans per minute on either empty or full beverage cans. Other PDC models are appropriate for speeds under 100 per minute, and all speeds in between.

R Series Can Labelers are mandrel-style machines that use PDC’s proprietary blade technology – a rugged and longer-lived alternative to the fragile “spinning knives” that are standard in many other shrink sleeving systems.

Complete labeling systems include the label applicator, tooling, conveyor, inspection/ejections systems, steam shrink tunnels and various options. Fully stainless steel versions are available for wet and washdown environments.

Important to beer breweries, PDC offers optional culinary grade steam filtration, which purifies the steam used in the shrinking process. A proprietary Heated Shroud shields the empty can opening as they pass through the steam tunnel preventing condensate drip and assuring cleanliness. An optional integrated zero-downtime label accumulator optimizes productivity by allowing roll changes at production speed – no lost production.

Like all PDC packaging systems, the R-300 is made in the USA using high quality, off-the-shelf components, assuring that the cost of ownership remains low throughout the system’s long life. Systems incorporate field-proven controls technology and an industrial main electrical panel that can be UL certified.

For craft and micro-breweries considering shrink sleeving their product, PDC can run your product at its Development Lab, one of the industry’s foremost facilities for prototyping and package development. Our technicians will videotape your product and send you the resulting samples.

PDC International Corporation is a world leader in shrink labeling and tamper evident banding technology for packaging in the food, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical industries. For more information, visit or contact Gary Tantimonico at PDC International, Norwalk, CT. 203-853-1516 or