R-100 MWER Shrink Labeler 60 pm with Horizontal Perforation

R-100 MWER Shrink Labeler 60bpm v2

PDC R-250 Shrink Labeler with StackAlign Collating System

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R-250 CO-ER Shrink Labeler with Container Orientor

R-250 CO ER

R-250 TSER Shrink Labeler - Orienting Graphics on Oval Containers at 150 pm

R-250 TSER Shrink Labeler 150bpm v1

R-250 TSER Shrink Labeling Empty Bottles with a Vacuum Conveyer at 200 pm

R-250 TSER Shrink Labeler 200bpm v2

R-300 Shrink Labeler High Speed Cup Labeling System

R-300 Shrink labeler

R-300-TSCB Shrink Labeling Empty Oval Plastic Bottles at High Speeds

R-300 TSCB

R-300C-TSCB High Speed Labeler with Servo-cammed Grippers

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R-500 Shrink Labeler High Speed Bottle Labeling System at 600 pm

Model R500

PDC Innovation Pack #6: Good 2 Grow

Hi, I'm Neal Konstantin, President of PDC International Corporation. We produce a line of shrink sleeve labeling machinery and tamper evident banders for corporations worldwide. We're here today with Kermit the Frog and we're going to talk about good2grow, a line of water and juice products for children that utilizes some innovative technology including shrink sleeves. We have a body label that features all the bright graphics and there's also a tamper evident seal that is applied separately to secure the figurine head through the point of purchase. What's unusual about that and a little bit tricky is that the tamper evident seal has to be controlled as it passes over the figurine head, pre-shrunk in position, and then both go through a steam tunnel, a PDC steam tunnel. These bottles are being run on many PDC systems at various bottlers, R model, R500, R300, and R250, all using various steam tunnels. The bottle itself is washable, recyclable, reusable, and kids love it. For your next shrink sleeving project please contact PDC. You can reach us at sales@pdc-corp.com and (203)853-1516. Thank you.