Press Release

Tamper-Evident Bander Benefits Users with Ultra-High Speed, “Zero Downtime” Performance

December 18, 2015. Norwalk, CT. PDC International Corporation, a global manufacturer of precision shrink sleeving systems, has introduced its R-600 Tamper Evident Shrink Bander. The system applies heat shrinkable neck bands to the closures of food and beverage containers.

PDC R-600 Shrink Banders were engineered to be fastest in their class, neck banding at speeds of 400 to over 1000 cpm. Engineered for 24/7 performance, with continuous material web flow that cuts without pausing the web, R-600 Shrink Banders apply, with exceptional precision and repeatability, 1 to 3.75″ diameter neck bands at heights up to 2.375″. This makes them ideal for most jarred foods and bottled beverages, including pickles, baby food, “Cap-cans”, water and teas.


High-volume producers of jarred foods, dairy and energy drinks, teas, juices, water. Bottlers and food processors who want high speed neck banding for tamper evidence, plus quick change-over capability

PDC R-Series Shrink Banders have the ability to apply thin gauge (1 to 1.5 mils, 25 to 40 micron) banding materials, and are compatible with all shrink sleeve films, including PVC, PET, PETG, OPS and PLA films.

R-600s are single-headed, in-line, tamper evident Shrink Banders that are robust and easy to use. The operator touch screen and PLC are Allen-Bradley. Systems can be supplied with PDC’s “Splice-on-the-Fly” accumulator module, which eliminates the downtime involved with roll changes – a huge advantage for high-volume operations.

Changing from one product to the next has also been streamlined, thanks to PDC’s tool-free changeover feature, and pre-set head height positioning.

Nine optional sensors include a downstream photo eye, splice detection and band presence and position. Zero-access guarding, all stainless steel construction, and NEMA-4X electrical enclosures are options that allow R Series systems to integrate with any production environment.

Like all PDC packaging systems, R Series systems use readily available, off-the-shelf components. PDC manufactures a full spectrum of stand-alone neck banding and shrink labeling machinery, in addition to a full line of convection, infrared and steam shrink tunnels.

For more information, contact Gary Tantimonico at PDC International, Norwalk, CT 203-853-1516 or