Press Release

Tamper-Evident Shrinksealer Takes the Downtime Out of Roll Changes

September 1, 2017. Norwalk, CT. PDC International Corp., a world leader in the development and manufacture of neck banding and shrink sleeve labeling systems, has introduced the 65C-M Shrinksealer with Integrated Material Accumulator.

The 65C-M is based on an equipment platform developed by PDC, now widely used and specified throughout the food and pharma sectors for the application of heat shrinkable, tamper-evident neckbands.

Most notably, a shrink material accumulator, integral to this new system, allows roll changes at full production speed –up to 175 cpm. This distinctive new feature produces huge reductions in downtime every shift.

When the current reel is spent, an end-of-reel sensor automatically clamps the tail at a splicing table, allowing the rapid splice of the new reel, while running at full speed.

Several variations of Tamper Evident Banding are applied with the 65 Series, including registered, printed graphics that create visual marketing opportunities around the cap of the package. When horizontally perforated at the base of the cap, the tamper evident portion is removed when opened, while the neck label portion with graphics remains on the package throughout its life. Sleeves extending below the cap conceal variations in fill levels, which are inevitable in viscous liquid filling.

65C Series machines operate at 50 to 175 cpm (containers per minute) with maximum speeds dependent on package and sleeve dimensions. Sleeve diameter range is .375 to 3.0 inches (10 – 75 mm). Sleeve height range is .625 to 4 inches (15 – 100 mm).

PDC 65C Series machines are compatible with traditional and sustainable films, including PVC, PET, PETG, OPS and PLA films.

65C Series Systems have many high-value features standard, including full safety enclosure, heavy duty mechanical construction, Allen-Bradley PLC controls, and upstream photo-eyes. Systems also have motorized material unwind, and material-out sensors.

Equipment can be customized with additional sensors (fallen bottle and splice detection, imprint verification, etc.) as well as power transformers, motorized height adjustment, servo feed motors and touchscreen interface.

Like all PDC packaging systems, the 65C-M Series was designed using off-the-shelf, readily available components, assuring that the cost of ownership remains low throughout the system’s long service life. Systems incorporate field-proven controls technology and can be UL approved.

Learn more about the 65C-M Shrinksealer at Pack Expo, Central Hall, Booth 4225, or arrange a demonstration at our Connecticut headquarters. The PDC headquarters campus features training facilities for customer personnel, and an R&D facility which allows customers to test PDC systems using their package designs and various films. Contact Gary Tantimonico, 203-853-1516 or

PDC International, member, PMMI

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