Press Release

Tunnel Provides Precisely Focused Steam for Optimum Label Registration; Ideal for Flammable/Pressurized Packages

Pack Expo 2016. (North Upper Hall – N-5136) PDC International Corporation, a world leader in tamper evident sealing and shrink tunnel technology displays its KSA-70 Triple Zone Steam Tunnel, a robust shrink tunnel that incorporates many of the engineering features which have distinguished PDC’s larger capacity tunnels and labeling systems. It is ideal for applications that demand precise label registration and shape conformance. It is also an excellent option for packages involving contents that are flammable or under pressure.

The KSA-70 steam tunnel is a compact, 70″ long system that precisely focuses steam onto specific points of the shrink-sleeved packages. The tunnel has symmetrical steam distribution tubes on each side, and each pair of tubes is adjustable for steam volume, flow and rotary nozzle position. Pressure adjustments can be made “in real time,” without wasting time – and energy – waiting for the tunnel to cool down. Steam rod positioning is positive, repeatable and easily documented so changeovers are quick and precise


Manufacturers, contract packers and testing labs that need a multi-tasking tunnel for:
* heat shrinkable sleeve labels * full body labels * tamper evident bands with maximum control over process parameters.

Opening dimensions for the KSA-70 are 7” wide X 12″ in height with other special openings available. The KSA-70 provides precise label registration and distortion-free graphics. The system greatly reduces the risk of container distortion.

PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA films, in gauges as thin as 30 micron, are all compatible.

The KSA-70 can process up to 200 cpm, depending on container size and shape. Containers can be any geometry, including round, oval and square, and can be filled or empty. Where bottles are labeled empty, an optional heated shroud is available to prevent condensate from dripping into empty containers. Other optional features include a powered steam venting manifold with dampers, and a condensate diverter package.

Several levels of steam filtering provide up to culinary grade steam, reducing moisture while also removing impurities. PDC can also provide a range of steam boilers optimally sized to customer requirements.

The KSA-70 steam tunnel is an excellent choice for end-use packagers. It is ideal as a stand-alone system, or as a supplemental “finishing zone” for an existing tunnel. It is also highly efficient as a pre or post-shrink module. The KSA-70 is equally well-suited to contract packers who need a highly reliable, easily repeatable and very economical steam shrink tunnel.

Like all PDC steam tunnels and shrink labeling systems, the KSA-70 is inexpensive to maintain throughout its long service life.   Made in the USA using off-the-shelf components, it features stainless dual wall construction.

For more information, contact Gary Tantimonico at PDC International, Norwalk, CT

203-853-1516 or or visit