PDC Innovation Pack #9: A Supple Skin For Softsoap Body Wash

Innovation Pack #8: Foam Latté Package

This foam latte package from Frutarom, a global flavor company, exhibits some unique attributes of use of the shrink sleeve in creative and new ways - and PDC’s shrink sleeving technology - the 75 ERL and the dual zone KST 80 steam tunnel - was up to the task!

PDC Innovation Pack #7: Stack Wines

Stack Wines, a product by Stack Tek, that stacks several servings of wine in a single package, is a great example of the use of PDC’s shrink sleeve labeling and multi-packing technologies, including the R-250 Evolution shrink labeler and a multi-zone thermostatically controlled steam tunnel.

PDC Innovation Pack #6: Good2Grow

Good2Grow, a line of water and juice products for children, uses innovative PDC technology, including the R-500, R-300, R-250 and F-160 to apply shrink sleeves and a tamper evident seal to these unique bottles with figurine heads.

PDC Innovation Pack #5: Teeth Whitening Pens – Sleeved in Fixtures

PDC’s shrink sleeving machinery is used with all sorts of products, including medical devices, as this whitening pen. This product is part of a larger production line - a great example of PDC’s design of peripheral product handling and specialty assemblies.

PDC Innovation Pack #4: Spirits Industry

PDC provides machinery for full-body shrink labeling and tamper evident banding for the spirits industry, as in the case of this vodka product with stunningly visual graphics.

PDC Innovation Pack #3: POM Wonderful

POM Wonderful’s bottle with its complex curves is an exceptional example of the use of PDC’s shrink sleeve labeling technology. PDC’s R-300 shrink labeler, steam tunnels and venting blade system made the most of POM Wonderful’s gorgeous graphics.